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Sweaters (and HA!)

My sister-in-law and I were talking about deoderant last weekend, and I told her that there's this crazy strong kind called Certain Dri.

"It will totally fry out your armpits.  But it works!"

We laughed.  And then I promptly forgot about the conversation.  But when she went to the store that week and saw Certain Dri on the shelves, she emailed me, saying, "I saw it today [Certain Dri] - sweaters of the world UNITE against wetness!" 

My response:  "All I can picture are a bunch of mohair turtlenecks uniting against wetness."

Then she emailed me this picture, and it struck me as so funny that I had to share it.  Notice how cheery they look, "holding hands" up there and uniting against wetness.  I'm starting to laugh all over again.

Sweaters!  United against wetness!
The message she sent with it said it all:  "Dude, I have way too much time on my hands."


ROFLMAO!!!! That is exactly what I thought but not for humor purposes. I am just dumb, it took me a second to make sense of it! LOL

That is soooo cute . I love the sweaters theme and I actually have never seen certain dri on the shelves either . well anyway cute blog as usual I love it .

Those sweaters look so happy to be dri! Certainly!

Too cute!

Your sister-in-law rocks! :)

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