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Insulin Pumps In Wedding Dresses!

Six months ago, Chris and I got married.  (Holy crap, six months already?  I can't believe it's been that long!)  When I picked my gown, I spoke with the seamstress about creating a pocket for my insulin pump to hide in all day long.  And on my big day, my pump was safe and secure, and so was I.

Over the past few weeks, I received emails from other women who had just tied the knot.  These two different, wonderful, recently-married women also had their insulin pumps worked into their wedding day, like I did.  And they agreed to let me share their stories - and their gorgeous photos - here on SUM! 

Here is Lindsay:

Lindsay on her wedding day.

"I've been a reader of your blog since this spring when I Googled 'insulin pump' and 'wedding dress' in the same thread.  Your site popped up and I was hooked.
I wanted to thank you for showing your readers pictures of the insulin pump pocket that your seamstress made for your wedding dress.  I, too, was wondering how I'd manage a pump in that corset-back dress with a very full skirt (and no way to access a thigh holster!)  Attached is what my seamstress came up with.
I was able to have my cake (and champagne) and eat it too, all while maintaining a 121 mg/dl throughout the wedding."

(The best part of this is that her best friend, Jenn, emailed me months ago about how her best friend is diabetic and is getting married.  She and I corresponded for a bit ... then Lindsay emailed me a few months later!  Small online world!)

And this Suzanne: 

Suzanne on her big day - with her big smile!

"I only bolused once during the whole reception.  It was one of those rare 'perfect diabetes days' - hovered between 85-110 mgdL all day!  I didn't have the cake & danced like crazy, so that probably had something to do with it.  :) 

Anyway, it was a grand day, but my husband and I marvel at how great every day since then has been.  We love being married!"

I love their pictures.  I love the look on their faces - gives me goosebumps!  Thank you so much, Linsday and Suzanne (and hi, Jenn!) for letting me share your stories and photos here.  There's no better way to end the week than by celebrating love and showing that diabetes doesn't stop anything - not even a beautiful bride on her big day.


Nothing more beautiful than a happy bride!

Diabetics are the coolest and most creative people, don't you think?!

Very cool and that is crazy how small this online world it sometimes.


they look like they're both trying to tell all the other brides "hey, look at me, I've got the latest and greatest in bridal accessories!!"

It is so wonderful, as a parent, to see so many vibrant and healthy and happy people with diabetes. It gives me great hope.

Congrats to all the newly weds!!! :)

The hubby and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past September, but we still feel like we're honeymooning :)

I never thought, I could share my diabetes management with someone, but learning to let go and allow him to help me, has been such a huge relief and everything in my life just seems so much better. It's amazing when you find that special someone!

all three of you girls are an inspiration to other girls getting ready for their big day and thinking about where to put that blasted thing . Thanks to all of you for teaching us that there are ways around things like that . god bless all of you and what a wonderfull blog as usual Keri you are an inspiration to all of us dear keep up the good blogs .

This is great. We will be thinking PROM for Lauren this winter/spring. I plan on showing my older daughter (who sews like a champ) these photos to adapt Lauren's dress for her. Great stuff!

What great pictures! A perfect Friday post!

I should have taken a picture..

Just got married in July, but on the other side (I'm a guy ;) ) no problems with my clothes, though as I didn't wear a dress and don't have a pump, but did have fun with my CGM not working the entire day. Luckily managed the whole wedding without ever going low or high. (Which included a minuscule smidgen of wedding cake fed to me by my bride and a very energetic bout with the dance floor! Maybe they canceled each other out... )

Best of luck to you!

Congratulations! Insulin Insulin Pumps have become such a "normal" part of so many people's lives who have diabetes. Your positive attitudes and smiles on your faces show others that YOU are in control of your diabetes and not the other way around. I wish you much happiness!

Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us. No reason to let diabetes get in the way of having a perfect wedding day.

From the stories it sounds like God was taking care of folks, how great is that.

I just saw this and wished i took a photo of my pump pocket. and i had a great handmade meter case made by stick me designs! I didnt take a pic of that either i am so bad.

I am getting married 10/2/10 and also wear an insulin pump. I did not think to look for ideas until after my alterations appt. Darn it, it may be to late. Any plan B options out there?

I am in a committed relationship and I have thought a lot about my wedding day. I am type 1 diabetic and I am on an insulin pump. I have spent countless nights crying over the wonder of what to do about my wedding day and a pump. This post brought me to tears...happy tears. I never even thought of having a pocket sewn in. Thank you so much.

Also, I have a diabetes blog I think you may be interested in. Check it out at www.iamjuvenated.blogspot.com

Wow this is really helpful, I'm type 1 diabetic and I'm actually getting fitted with the insulin pump next month and I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. I'm getting married in March next year and I've been a little worried about where I put my pump on the big day! Such a great Idea, Thankyou =) xx

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