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Working For The Weekend.

Work used to be confined with the hours of 9 and 5, Monday through Friday.   The idea of conferencing with my boss after work hours or on the weekend was laughable, back when I was working in my crappy insurance job.  But now, working at an internet/new media company and running SUM, work spills into the weekend almost effortlessly.

Which, if you ask me, is crap.

So I made some attempts at disconnecting this weekend.  My KerriBerry was still fired up and I occasionally checked in with Twitter, but I spent Saturday going on a hike with my husband and enjoying a nice dinner out, then Sunday at The Bruce Museum in Greenwich and then cooking steaks and drinking champagne on the beach with a friend.  We spent more time enjoying each other's company, instead of getting lost in the abyss of the internet.

And we saw some odd things, for certain. 

While we were hanging out on the beach, we spied on some people taking photographs nearby.  Just a couple high school kids, most likely in need of new Facebook profile pics.  Fine.  But then we saw a guy in what looked like Confederate solider gear, standing on top of a cannon.  Not exactly normal, but could have been a photo shoot of some kind.  

Soldiers on the wall.  Right?

Looking closer, however, we noticed that his buddy had something slightly anachronistic.

Vacuum man.

One guy in his solider gear, the other holding a vacuum cleaner. With the hose pointing towards the ocean.  Bold.  Poignant.  Contemporary art?  Either way, I almost laughed myself off the picnic table. 


Sounds like a good weekend. It seems almost impossible to disconnect completely these days.

Art is silly sometimes.

I believe that's a Union uniform, and a Confederate vacuum.

Always good to take some time away from the computer and focus on what's really important, huh? Those guys at the beach though, hmmmm, pretty weird. Wonder what kind of statement the vacuum was making. And how do you always stumble upon these weird things? Kind like you're a freak magnet - LOL. Lucky you!

I also often end up 'working' on the weekends. Not this one. I played in Orlando all weekend long and it was amazing!

No crazy vacuums but did see some crazy outfits around the theme parks.

This looks like "student film" material.

I would have thought vacuum cleaner commercial or a commercial for some product anyways . that was great that you spotted that . so cool . I know the feeling of having to working on the weekend .It stinks.

I always had this weird notion that the Bruce Museum was a place to go and learn about guys named Bruce.

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