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Wine, whine?I woke up high this morning, thanks to a late-night snack of quinoa that didn't get into my system fully until well after I'd gone to bed.  Pre-bedtime test was 94 mg/dl, but I woke up at 7:30 am with a full bladder, sweaters on the ol' teeth, a backache, small ketones, and a blood sugar of 298 mg/dl.  I cranked in a correction bolus and went about getting ready for work.

I don't usually fall fast after highs.  It takes me about two hours to really settle back into a steadier range, and sometimes longer to even start the blood sugar tumble.  So I showered, reconnected the pump, got dressed in a hurry, and shuffled my almost-always-late ass out the door.   Mind you, only 38 minutes had passed from the time I bolused.

Got to work, turned on my computer, and started picking through my work emails.  But I had that feeling of foggy distraction - the sound of a coworker tapping her fingers against the keys were resonating in my brain too loudly.  And I clicked on "new" about three times before realizing that I was trying to "reply" to an email instead.  Brain was malfunctioning.  So I tested, knowing something was up.

Or down, since the result was 53 mg/dl and falling fast.  

I reached into my small, compact work bag (lie: the bag is enormous and I'll end up deformed from carrying around so much unnecessary crap) and pulled out a bottle of juice I'd had stashed for a few weeks.  It was a bottle I used at the gym once before and just refilled for an emergency.  I twisted off the cap and heard a distinct hiss, like I woke up an angry grape juice rattle snake.

Juice doesn't normally hiss, does it? 

I gave the contents a quick sniff and realized that the grape juice had fermented and was now spoiled and closer to "wine" than "reaction treater."  Thankfully, I had a can of juice in the fridge at work, so a quick pull helped elevate my blood sugar.

Kerri, take note (from yourself in third person):  Juice becomes wine when you have it go from hot to cold a million times.  No juice when you're low becomes whine.  Though the pun is delightful, stick with glucose tabs, okay?  They're less apt to spoil.


Ugh, that is quite the drop Kerri. I am glad it hit you once you got to work and not on the way.

Maybe Wine flavored glucose tabs? I'm just saying?????

The juice brings back memories of grape Kool-Aid left forever in the 'fridge... then as a teenager, tasting Yago Sangria for the first time... and detecting no difference whatsoever. (By that time, my taste had matured into drier wines, decanted from bottles with real corks instead of screw tops.)

when WalMart starts selling Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon glucose tablets, they're gonna make a fortune!

you didn't say a word when we were chatting, so i'm assuming you were fine by then. plus you made sense in all of your posts!

I hate glucose tabs and only carry them when I'm flying and don't want to explain juice boxes to security on top of insulin and laptop and shoes and...
I find the small (4.23 oz) Juicy Juice boxes (in grape) are perfect. They're 16g of carb and they don't spoil. My only issue is that I'll have to swap for something else in my glove box during the winter as frozen juice doesn't flow through a straw very well.

Quinoa doesn't usually cause me to spike like that. (I had some for dinner last night, too!) Do you think it could have been something else...an air bubble maybe? And do you think it's possible that the BG wasn't quite as high as the meter read, considering how fast you dropped?

Another thought...I've noticed that my correction ratio is different first thing in the morning than later in the day. On waking, 1 unit will drop me 60-65 points. Later in the day, 1 unit will drop me 45 points. I think it's due to the extra basal to counteract the dawn phenomenon, but who knows.

On the whine...glucose tabs...ew to both. Fermented juice tastes nasty. (At least you heard yours before you tasted it!) And so do glucose tabs. They're sort of like flavored expensive chalk in my mouth. I like to use sweet tarts. I keep 1/2 a roll stashed in my meter kit, and when I'm low, I pop 4 of them (1.8g carb apiece). It usually gets me back up. If I'm really low, I'll eat 6-8 tarts. I sorta like them. At at $0.69/roll at Walgreens, they're a heck of a lot cheaper than the chalky glucose tabs.

someone else mentioned juicy juice boxes on here and yeah I highly reccomend those . I am so glad that you were okay keri. wow you and I must have been twins this morning cause I was fine when i woke up but then an hr later had a low and it hit me like a ton of bricks hit the juice and was fine . Man I hate lows and trying to figure out where you screw up just one of those times . Your blog is a hoot as usual .Thanks for blogging and great as usual . keep up the good work .

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