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Do Something!

Mollie Singer is a sweet girl, a talented singer, and a fellow type 1 diabetic.  And like me, Mollie has the benefit of a really terrific support network that helps her better manage her diabetes.  In particular, Mollie has her twin sister, Jackie, who rises above all others to support her.

I'm happy to share that Jackie has been selected as one of the winners of the Do Something awards, and as part of a partnership between Do Something and Doritos, Ms. Jackie herself will be featured on the back of a nacho cheese Doritos bag.  Jackie is highlighting diabetes awareness and their organization, the Diabetic Angels

Mollie and Jackie Singer

Congratulations to Jackie, and thanks to her for her hard work in raising awareness for diabetes!!  And be on the lookout for these snack-tastic heroes in grocery stores today!


That is SO COOL! Wow! I'll have to grab me a bag!

Kuddos to those girls and this is such a positive light . that is so great .

That is really cool! I will have to look out for those bags myself. And being a twin too, I will have to mention it to my sister so maybe she can get some ideas ;) Kudos to Mollie and Jackie!!!!

Seriously? Diabetes and Doritos? A bag of chips is *almost* the worst thing for my blood sugar. What an odd combo, but cool for them for winning :)

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