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Shoes Never Sleeps.

Shoes, you need a pair of these.My Darling Shoes,

Hey girl.  I know you had a tumultuous summer.  Seems like your old roommate and DogShoes have moved out, and it's you and RoomieShoes.  I was mistaken in thinking BoyfriendShoes moved in - no, he's just coming by every day and adding his clompy shoes to the cacophonous noise. 

So this weekend was a wild one for you, eh?  We heard you guys come home at 1:40 am.  No problem there.  It's a Saturday night and going out for a few drinks and having some fun?  Go for it.  Been there.  Still there, actually.  


At 4:48 am, I woke up with a start at the sound of Faith Hill being blasted through the ceiling.  It was like the speakers were up to eleven and directed at my face.  Shoes, this is not cool.  First of all, you are blasting music at my bedroom at 4:48 in the morning.  I was asleep, did you know that?  Secondly, you and RoomieShoes and BoyfriendShoes and Other Pals were apparently dropping blocks of ice against the floor, judging by the deafening noise.  Was this really necessary?  Were you out of ice cubes and absolutely needed to have cold drinks?  And thirdly - come on, Faith Hill?  This is what you choose to blast?  

Chris and I sat in bed for a bit, staring at the ceiling and wondering what exactly was up with you. I brought my hand up to my eyes and rubbed them, then shook a sleepy fist at the ceiling.  "Shooooooooes!"  You responded by tap dancing inside your bathtub while wearing coffee cans on your feet.

Shoes, we moved out to the living room and set up our blankets there.  We could still hear your stereo (now booming some obscure rap song from the 80's), but at least it wasn't throbbing over our heads.  "Maybe we can fall back asleep out here," I said to Chris, just as you and RoomieShoes decided to run giggling from one side of the apartment to the other, throwing rocks at the floor.  Mind you, it's now almost 5:45 in the morning.  And I'm sleepy. 

I'm kind of starting to hate you, Shoes.  I see your car and I want to peek in and see if it's crammed with boxes of stilettos and coupons for the ice factory.  I don't care if you're partying.  Seriously.  Don't care at all.  But 6 am?  You still haven't taken off your heels?   Don't your feet hurt, dear Shoes?  Maybe you need a pair of bunny slippers to help ease your tired feet.  I know I would be happy to pick you up a pair.  Would you prefer pink or white?  Just let me know.

And you know what?  I almost miss DogShoes.  At least he slept from time to time.



HAHA...oh gosh. Tap dancing in the bathtub with coffee cans put me over the edge.

How about if you get those bunny slippers and leave them outside her door (with some bunion pads...). Maybe she'll get the hint.

It sounds like people are unconsiderate. I have the same problem where I live too. I have gone to talk to them but there doesn't do any good. HELP
You and Chris hang in there and blast the music at the ceiling when it is quiet up there.

This is why I live upstairs! :) And take off my shoes when I come in the door.
Buy her some carpets and leave them by her door. :P

Is it worth registering a noise complaint with your local police department? Or just leaving her a note or knocking on her door in person and ask her to keep it down in the wee hours? (Or have you done this already?)

I've dealt with this myself and while neighbor noise was an inevitable part of apartment living, I made sure to always take off my shoes when I came home at any hour.

And Cara, I lived on the top floor too.. but my downstairs neighbor's noise would come up through the floor.

LOL...maybe those slippers that look like monster feet would be more appealing! Too funny! I'm sorry that they're being so rude :(

LOL. I was starting to wonder what happened to Shoes. Your letters to her are hilarious.

...but not so hilarious that you have to go thru that.

I agree with the 'tap dancing in the bathtup wearing coffee cans' comment... made me laugh out loud at work!!

I live downstairs of a girl who constantly bathes and has a howling dog whenever she leaves . I am okay with the howling dog since my bird tends to go off at certain times as well . but you can hear everytime she steps on her floor . I am glad to be moving from here in three months and cannot wait . I am going to love my new house cause I simply wont have anybody walking above me .I feel for you girl . amazing blog as always .

I have found that vacuuming while slamming into furniture helps a bit- usually in the early mornings.

I had a Dr. Shoes above me for a while. He then got a girlfriend (Ghost Shoes? she made no noise when walking). Together they created the most unpleasant sound of LoveShoes - I found that banging the broom against the ceiling during thier acts of LoveShoes seemed to stop almost all shoe-noise. Now I live in my own house and only have my own shoes to deal with.

When I saw the title of this post in the Diabetes Daily Headlines, I remember how much I love hearing about the Shoe family.

Boy do I have my own Shoe stories including being able to hear Shoe bodily functions and why they need to roll a pin-pong ball across the entire living room floor.

Maybe you should start looking for a top-floor apartment. Or a townhouse. :)

Maybe you should start looking into DIY-overhead-lighting installations that will enable you to bang on the ceiling every other day.

3 things.

dog poo, a paper bag, and a lighter.

you know what to do.


Have you thought about printing out one of these posts and slipping it under her door?

Or maybe just leaving a open tube of super glue about 5 inches back from the door. If her shoes are stuck to the floor, she'll HAVE to take them off.

Have you considered taking up the electric guitar and getting one big ass amp? Apparently my brother used to do this when he lived in an apartment and the neighbours got too "shoe-ly" for his taste ... he'd whip out his guitar and face the amp to the wall (the ceiling would be more difficult, but I'm sure you could rig something up) and let 'er rip.

I think it would be even better if you couldn't play it - oh the looks on their faces!! *insert evil laugh here*.

Shoes do make a lot of noise in apartment blocks. People should just take them off.

I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

I just read this and had to smile. I am Deaf and I get a kick out of when I am watching TV (no sound, don't use it) and the person belows me starts jabbing the ceiling below me so I can feel the vibrations. They even complained to the management that I was making too much noise. We both got a good laugh out of that one.

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