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Guilty Pleasure Time.

Today has been a day of awkwardness already.  To wit:Mrs. Kerri Clumsy

  • I tried to get into the wrong car this morning because I forgot that I don't drive the Jetta anymore.  Whoops.  But I'm trying to blame that on a lack of coffee in my system.
  • I walked into work with my skirt tangled in pump tubing, because I forgot to adequately tuck it all in before I got out of the car.  Argh.
  • Made coffee in my fancy pants SUM mug this morning without realizing that the remnants of yesterday's coffee were still floating around in there.  Yuck.  Had to rinse and renew.
  • Went to sit down in my chair while talking to someone and almost missed, nearly landing my arse on the floor.
  • (Mind you, it's only about 9:30 in the morning at this point.)
  • Fired up iTunes and blasted ... Yanni.  Yes, Yanni is sometimes the soundtrack of my editorial days.  I love him.  I want to put him on the cover of the romance novel of my life.  Yanni ...  (Awk. Ward.  But I love him.)
  • Laughed out loud at something when the office was completely silent.  Nothing like waking everyone up with my mega-decibel giggle.
  • Went for coffee downstairs and gave the lady a one instead of a five, causing me to stand there cluelessly while she neglected to ring up my purchase.  "You gave me a one instead of a five."  I returned from the mental moon.  "Oh, shoot, sorry about that."
  • And walking back up the stairs to the office, the thigh holster I was wearing to hold my pump started to slide, causing me to grab for my leg and hold the strap in place while trying to waddle to my desk, where I could hitch the holster back up.  Nothing like having the people in the board room thinking my underpants are falling down as I walk up the stairs.  Fantastic.
Grace:  Im doin it wrong.


LOL! Bless your heart! It's just been one of those days, huh?
That's okay about the grace thing... I forgot to stand in that line when they were handing it out. The result: on Friday I fell down the last 2 steps of my apartment and twisted my ankle, resulting in wearing an ankle brace all weekend. :)

Just one of those days huh? I hate that but I must admit, you gave me a chuckle.

thanks for sharing Kerri!

As we say in the south, bless your heart, it's not your fault. LOL

Never fear, there is definite grace in your words, if not in your actions.

You guys make me feel better. I feel accepted, despite my awkwardness! ;)

And I just realized that I made another goof - the title of this post. I originally started writing about my love for Yanni. But the post morphed into ... this mess. Oy. Where is my brain today?

LOLLOLLLOL!! That is hilarious!! Good that you can laugh at yourself... and good to know I'm not the only one that has days like that.

well so glad i found a sister from another mother! last night i was wearing a claw in the back of my hair. had to go get the kid and near ripped the back of my head off.

ALOL at the last one! Thanks for giving me a real giggle at the end of a long day!

(A day in which I managed to get the adhesive of my Quick-set stuck to the inside of my shirt!)

Oh my gosh you had one of those murphy days . by that murphys law ,whatever can go wrong will and usually does .I am glad you made it through though. I know it really stinks to have one of those days. I had one of those days one day and a complete stranger ,a lady and asked me if I was alright as if I had lost my functions . I told her I was fine and thank you anyway even though I thought she was a pain at the time .LOL:)!!! Hope today is better for you my dear .

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