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Crumbs Sparling. (Different from Crumbs Morrone)

The weekend weather was so excellent that we had to take advantage of it.  On Saturday, we took the quick train ride into NYC with a Chris-driven agenda:  hop on a row boat in Central Park and then devour cupcakes at Crumbs Bakery on Amsterdam.  (He saw the idea written up in InFlight magazine last week, and tore out the page.  We're easily persuaded, as a couple.  The mere mention of cupcakes is enough to send us on a cross country adventure.)

Kerri at the Bethesda Fountain in NYC

We stopped by the Bethesda Fountain (near the Boathouse), which I recognized from photos I've seen online but hadn't ever scoped out in person.  The park was busy, thanks to the beautiful weather, but we managed to grab a few photos.

View from the boat

I did not know you could rent rowboats in Central Park and tool around the Pond.  Chris rowed, rowed, rowed our boat and I did my best not to tip the boat over.  And after all that work rowing (and trying not to fall in), we had worked up quite an appetite.  It was time to bring on the cupcakes!  Trying to guesstimate the carbohydrate content in this sucker was an adventure in and of itself.  

Holy cupcake

"Maybe sixty?"

"Dude, a bagel has eighty-five.  I'm going to guess at least sixty-five."  I cranked up the pump to six and a half units, knowing that the frosting alone was more than my daily carb allowance.  (But it was DELICIOUS.  Easily the tastiest cupcake I've ever had, and almost worth the $4.00 price tag.) 

Dosing for high carb, high sugar dessert treats is always tricky, and I usually over compensate in efforts to avoid the spike.  I bolused and also requested that we walk back to Grand Central (I hate the subway, and I avoid it at every opportunity), which had me chomping on glucose tabs around 56th.

"Thwarted by that cupcake.  I guess I'll have to have another one sometime and see if I can fine tune the bolus."  I'll do my part, even if it means consuming another cupcake or two.  It's for science.

(Crumbs bakery + Kerri Sparling = Crumbs Sparling.  Very different from Crumbs Morrone.)



Looks really good though! :)

I think the only way to know if you can fine tune the bolus is to mount a scientific study... in which you scientifically eat many cupcakes over a period of time (which may need to be extended based on gathering more data to come to a more scientific conclusion) and test each new bolus #. Of course, once you find the right # you'll have to test that multiple times. You know, to be scientific.

I was in NYC recently for job interviews and planned my entire trip around Magnolia Bakery. I just got started on the Omnipod and spent hours googling Magnolia nutrition info on the web (as well as other NY yummies I knew I would be bitter about if I couldn't eat). Surprisingly, you can find just about any random specialty food online nowadays (although not always accurate, but pretty close). I have the same problem- I gorge on 2 cupcakes, take a ton of insulin, end up walking several miles, then end up eating some other boring crap that's not as good as the damn cupcake! Always buy backups!!

oh Keri Looks like you guys had a great time . Looks like it was kind of chilly and beautifull I am sure . wow that cupcake looked awesome even at the 4.00 a piece price tag. a great blog as always .

God, that cupcake looks good!

I was in NYC over this past weekend - for the first time actually. I love traveling but have never made my way to the Big Apple.

Wish I had crossed paths on the street and said hello!

In between delis, food carts, and lobster bisque soup I found myself keeping my BG above 80 by visiting Dunkin Donuts and a few pretzel carts too.

I was traveling solo, and in between going out with a couple few friends at night I was constantly on the go - which burned a LOT of points even with a temp. reduced basal.

I rented a bike at Metro Bikes on the Upper East Side and took some great shots cruising around Central Park Monday.

And as much as I love my big square state out west the art deco design of Rock. center and mid century skyscrapers are absolutely amazing.

All the best- james...

That looks delicious! If you're looking for another excellent cupcake shop you should check out Nancy's Fancies on Federal Hill in Providence. She makes the best chocolate buttercream I have ever experienced!

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