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I have been approved!!!!!!!


They're covering my sensors.  I cannot believe it.  And from what I've been told, I'm one of the first on Connecticut's Oxford Health Plans to be approved for CGM use. 

Also from what I've been told, it takes an external appeal to make it happen.  So if you are fighting for CGM coverage, DO NOT GIVE UP.  Keep fighting!  Appeal every denial.  Make sure you don't miss any appeal deadlines!  It seems like insurance companies deny everything at first and only approve once you battle back.  So keep fighting, and do not give up!  (And use exclamation points!  Ahhh!  I'm so excited!!)

The tools to live well with diabetes should not just be for the people who can afford them.  Fight for your right for coverage.


YAY! Congrats! Persistence pays off!!!

Oh my gosh! How incredibly awesome! Nice work!

Wow! That is so awesome!! I hoped the external appeal would do the trick for you! I hope you love it as much as I love mine :)

Wow ... congratulations! Too bad my healthcare plan was switched from Oxford to Empire in July!



that calls for some celebrating!


Congratulations! This will be so great for you!

Excellent news Kerri! Congratulations. I hope that they'll become standard for insurance coverage. I don't mind having to jump through some approval hoops - I sometimes think we want all the latest toys whether we need them or not - but the approval process needs to be clear and reasonable so that those who need the technology can get it.

Cool! I'm so happy for you! Do you think your tag line on your check had anything to do with it?? :D Oh, well, it was well worth it, since it worked. Congrats.

Great news! :)

Yay! Congrats, Kerri!

OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such exciting news, congratulations!!!!!

Hot Diggity!
That is awesome.

SO EFFING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats, but does this mean they won't cover the cost of the Dex itself? Were you looking for that, too?

Lyrehca - I rec'd the receiver from Dexcom gratis, so the sensors were my top priority at the moment. I'm now working to confirm what else, if anything, is covered. Small steps, but important ones at this juncture.

congrats. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but tighter control is so much easier with CGMS. Yes, mine annoys me at 3am frequently, it's infinitely better than waking up at 5am with the wobbles.


Kerri, thanks for the fast response. Since I haven't wanted a CGMS because of the insurance issues, I don't know these details.

But is getting the receiver gratis like getting a glucose monitor (i.e., easy to get for nothing) because the sensors are where the companies make their money? Or did you get it gratis because of your connections? If so, how much is the typical cash outlay for a receiver and do you see the insurance companies eventually covering the cost of that as well? And will they reimburse you (unlikely, right?) for sensors you've already used, or is this reimbursement from this point forward?


L - The receiver is about $900, so yes, the sensors are where the money is at ($60 apiece). And yes, I received it gratis due to personal connections within the company. However, insurance companies do approve the whole package, so that wasn't a deciding factor. Also, this approval is retroactive, so any sensors I've paid for in the past are reimbursable.


Yippee!!! You did it, you outlasted the bloodsuckers, err..I mean insurance company. Way to go. You gonna frame that letter?

That's terrific, Kerri! Congratulations. Nice to see when hard work pays off.

Yeeeehaw! Thrilled for you.


Also, for Lyrehca: IIRC, the Abbott reps at Saturday's ADA Expo stated that the Navigator receiver would run about $1400, and the 3-day sensors $240 for a set of 6.

It's all about persitence! Hopefully your success will help others as well!!


You fought hard, and it paid off. Amazing. Job well done.

Congratulations! Yay! *huge grin*



Congratulations!!! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news.

Thats what I have been telling you all this time !! Congrats !!!

Kerri, your persistence has paid off in a BIG way!! Congratulations to you, for not giving up, not letting the bureaucracy B.S. get to you, and for FORCING them to take a good look at what CGM can do for a person with diabetes!! Way to go!!!

Woo hoo!
So awesome! ;-)
Congrats and thank goodness for your determination.

What a nice weekend gift!!!

Grats! I'm so happy for you! I tweeted grats to you today but remembered you aren't following me. LOL.

CONGRATULATIONS KERRI! That's excellent! :)

Oh, I'm so happy for you. That is truly fantastic news.

Congrats and it is so deserved!!!


Congratulations, Kerri!

We'll be looking at a CGM in the next few months. This post gives me hope that we might be able to (finally) get this thing for Joseph.

Awesome, just awesome.

i'm finally home, and although i heard this news HOURS ago (love IM!), i just want it in print that i'm excited beyond words and you deserve MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS.

also, a big HAHA FUCK YOU to Mark who was such a downer the other day about this happening!

Congratulations!!! You winning this battle, is really a win for all of us. Thanks for being a continuing inspiration to fight. :)

Awesome! So glad all the appeals finally paid off.

The retroactive part is particularly cool. I'm just glad to be covered at all, but I'd love to be able to claim back everything I paid in the past.


Kerri, I'm so happy for you! Truly, persistence does pay off.

I'm really happy for you, Kerri!

it worked! amazing! i'm gonna keep calling and writing about getting a pump, maybe i can get them to do it. :) you're the inspiraaaatiooon....

Hey Kerri,

I've read your site for a while and really admire your positive aditude. I don't have diabetes, but I have other chronic health conditions....I also know how hard insurence companies can be to deal with. This is awesome! Good for you for being persistant!

yay kerri!!!!!!! CONGRATS. your fighting paid off, finally. =]

Congrats Kerri :) This is so awesome and all that hard work fighting the big bad insurance company worked!!! YAY!!!!

Good for you and a big pat on the back for persistence :D Now hopefully they'll take other requests for coverage into consideration ... (wishful thinking??)

Kerri, That's fantastic! I'm thrilled for you!



I was at Epcot this weekend so I just saw this. How exciting for you! I agree with Cara that it must have had something to do with the memo line of your check! :)

For some reason, this makes me want to cry. I think, in part, because there are so many of us with chronic illnesses, of which diabetes is just one, and it does seem like we are at war with the insurance companies. We just waged a battle with out insurance company over coverage of my anesthesiologist for my c-section. he wasn't in plan and, therefore, they weren't going to cover him. Like I had a choice to choose the anesthesiologist for my surgery! Congratulations on your news and let it be one step to getting others coverage.

AWESOME!!!!! Just goes to show that all the fighting can be worth it in the end. Good for you!!!!


comment number ?...it shows, that lots of people know about SENSORS, hurah ...advocacy at work !!!
I am a Canadian, living with type 1 for over 25 years ( and on Buzz's Disney World Team !!) ...my extended health plan pays for the sensors ...I also am able
to get more than 3 days use out of one ...

I know I'm a couple of days late but congratulations Kerri!! I can't imagine how relieved you are. Good work!!!

Good for you Kerri, you get 11 out of 10 for perseverance.

thanks for showing us how it's done!

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I'm going to start the good fight as well.

Kerri this is incredible news!!!! I am so happy for you and know it will pay off!!! Congrats! - Scott

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