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Maine was gorgeous.  We took a ton of pictures, ate at some very ecclectic little places in Bar Harbor, watched the sun rise from Cadillac Mountain, and hiked all over the place in Acadia National Park.

And then we drove.

Oh how we drove, for hours, to get back to RI for the night.

All this travel has caused a wild case of exhaustion and, thanks to a few appointments in Boston tomorrow, no time for blogging.  I'll be back tomorrow night with a real post, but for now I need to catch up on some sleep.  In the meantime, here's something that made me laugh out loud:

Nunchucks.  Awesome.

Tacky?  Yes.  Completely ridiculous?  Yes.  But delightfully punny?  Oh hell yes.


I never thought I would say this but I would trade in my Nunchucks for those! AWESOME!

OMG!! i so NEED that! i wanna "chuck them" at Chuck!

Looks like a pun toy to play with!

The real question is how many of them did you purchase? :)

Too funny!!! I NEED some of those for Christmas presents. :) Glad you had a great weekend in Maine - it sounded like a lot of fun. Except for the traffic - I hear ya on that one. It took us 5 hours to do what should have been a 1 1/2 hour drive to LI on Friday for Pea's cousin's wedding. Who gets married at 7pm on the Friday before Labor Day in Long Island???

I would of loved to chuck Sister Lamonica 15ft backwards when I was in her Spanish class. Just a few years too late. Consider yourself lucky Sister.

Oh my. I was reading this on my laptop, which does not have a very big screen. All I could see is the text of the post and the top of the picture, which included the word "NUNCHUCK" and a little of the sister's picture.

I thought this was going to be a Chuck Norris joke. I spend too much time on the internets.

I found them on officeplayground.com - so many more hilarious toys!!

I am thinking of getting the "Chicken chucker" and the "Baby shower" for some friends!

Sorry, I can't resist...

How many nuns could a nunchuck chuck, if a nunchuck could chuck nuns?!

(You knew it was coming...!)

and of course we cannot forget the "cat"apault....and though lacking a pun, the ninja chucker is pretty cool too.

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