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I cooked last night.  (Contain your shock, please.)  I made chicken and vegetable soup, whipped up some delicious sugar-free pudding, and baked a chocolate cake for my co-worker's birthday.  Nothing caught on fire, nothing turned to sawdust, and consuming aforementioned tasties did not kill anyone.

Damn you, chocolate cake!

However, the cake baking was a little bit of a thorn in my side, because I was soooo tempted to lick the mixer beaters (no, not while they were spinning) and to stick my finger in that thick, chocolate frosting.   

But HA!  I did not succumb to temptation!  I baked that cake, frosted it, and put it in the fridge, all without even a taste.  HA HA!!!  Take that, diabetes! 

After the cake was all done, I sat down on the floor with my laptop to go through my emails.  But the screen was too bright.  The colors were all ... off.  And my hearing was fading in and out, like someone was shaking a blanket out to spread over the bed.  My head was in a complete fog, and Abby was weaving between my elbows, meowing frantically.

So I tested.  

And after all that baking, after avoiding that delicious treat and trying to "stick to the plan" and "be a good little diabetic," I saw "35 mg/dl" winking back at me from my meter.  Eight gulps of juice later, I was laying on the living room floor, telling Chris, "I didn't feel that one coming at all," and "If I lay still enough, I sort of feel like I'm on a record player, spinning."

Damn you, irony!


I decorate cakes as a hobby. Weird, but true. I LOVE doing it. But my blood sugar ALWAYS runs low when I'm decorating. No idea why. You got visited by the cake decorating gremlins (they lower your blood sugar to drive you crazy). :D

I am very proud of you and your willpower! I had to stop myself from running my finger along my monitor to get a taste of the frosting!!

Sorry about the irony though. That sucks.

Sounds like a scary one, Kerri... glad you were okay.

(Oh, and if I'd been there I would have had you "treat" the low with some of that delicious frosting. ;)

wow 35 that is low !!! I am glad you are okay . I know that those lows can hit you like a ton of bricks and sometimes they sneak up on you without knowing it . Like emeril says "Bam" that is how I feel at least . glad you are okay .

Whoa, I hate those. Love the cake though :)

I swear, the D can read minds sometimes. The same thing happens to me!

Heck, girl, what were you thinking? I have never baked anything without tasting the dough, since it's so much better than the finished product--Actually, knowing I'll be able to lick the beaters is the only thing that motivates me to get them out in the first place. I am a firm believer in never sacrificing my own hedonistic tendencies, because they're one of the things that makes life worth living.

Besides, that's what fast-acting insulin is for...

Well, doesn't that just take the cake. Or not, but obviously YOU should have!! I hate when Diabetes Willpower comes back to bite you in the rear. I bet your co-worker wouldn't have minded if their b-day cake came in with one piece missing when he (or she) heard about the 35!!!

I am baking bread tonight (for which I had to buy loaf pans). We will see how it goes. I guess I'll be sure to test before I start and right before I put it in the oven.

For some reason, I don't think bread batter/dough is as tempting as cake! ;)

a friend, also a diabetic, told me once that standing for long periods of time (especially when you're used to sitting on the job, etc) caused his BG to drop. I never thought about it before, and took notice anytime I was standing (decorating a cake, for instance!). Sure enough, I found it to be true, too. Maybe all that puttering around while you were cooking did it! OMG... I just did the math, and you were 1.9 on my scale!! 4.4 - 6.8 is normal. I'm in Canada, and I call it Metric... but it's mmol/L...whatever that means!! Metric is easier to explain!! haha. I just divide your number by 18.1818181818, and get the 'metric' reading!! My first couple of meters read like yours (80-120, etc...) I have no idea when that changed!! ok... enough rambling!

reminds me of the scene in dodgeball where patches o houlihan gets crushed by a falling neon sign that says "Luck of the Irish"

good diabetics eat cake too.

Ashley - You're damn right we eat cake! (As I wipe the chocolate frosting from my keyboard.) I just didn't want to eat it after my workout last night. Turns out I should have, eh? ;)

WOW!! Glad you were ok after that one! But I have to agree with Elizabeth. LICK THE BEATERS! It's called 'cooks treat' and it's required in my kitchen. And thanks to Jen for doing the math. I was wondering what that converted to in mmol/l. 1.9... that's scary low!!

This kind of thing happens to me all the time. It feels like a mind-over-matter thing: being around that frosting primes the body to eat it or something. Same thing happens if I'm explaining low blood sugar to somebody: mine suddenly plummets. Weird.

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