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Fudgy the Whale.

I forget sometimes that Chris reads my blog.  But he does, and he takes care of me.  Today, we celebrated 22 healthy years with type 1 diabetes with this: 

  And it was awesome.  Thanks for being there, you guys.  I really appreciate it.


Awwww ..that's awesome!

Awww. I'm getting a little misty. You do have an awesome husband.

Happy D-anniversary, Kerri. And you too, Chris.



That Chris is a good one!

You may have the second-best husband ever (behind mine, of course). Heehee.

Well-played, Chris. Kudos.

Awwww so sweet! Definately worth waiting for :) LOL Now Im tempted to try one!

Fudgy The Whale! That is SO cool.

Happy D-anniversary. I think. I'm never sure what to say about that one. O's all hopping around because hers is Monday. I'm, like, WTF, dood, why are you happy about this? But hey, it's her disease. If she wants to hop around, I can deal.... sort of.

Was Cookie Puss floating around?

Happy HEALTHY dVersary.

Wow. Does Chris have a brother? :) I'm so happy for you that you have a sweet hubbie who supports you and "does diabetes" along with you. That's my prayer for myself! And cute cake, by the way!

So great!

Give Chris a high five from the lead singer of the hi-fives. LOL

Awww he's so adorable (Fudgy is too hehe)

I know I'm late, but congrats on 22 healthy years. I'm secretly hoping you don't have to endure 22 more.

Maybe Dr. Faustman will have something worked up before then.

I do not like celebrating the anniversary of dx however if I was given that cake - I would be pleased to celebrate my daughter's dx date. Reading your post from yesterday and today - I am sorry for your frustrations. It is a very difficult disease and no one should have to deal with it. All that being said, my daughter will never know/ remember any days of not having it as she was dx. much younger then age 6. You are brave, strong and genuine your blog keeps me inspired to keep my daughter inspired and healthy. Thank you for all you do to keep parents alert and connected to life with type 1. You are amazing and your husband is wonderful - anyone who gives you the whale cake is awesome.

Lmao, is that fudgy cake because of our conversation on twitter! loooooooool

Ok, I want a fudgy cake I better get one tonite or i am gonna be pissed lmao!

Happy D day

awww, you have a good guy there!
I'm glad your day ended nicely, you deserve it.

That's awesome that he did that.

We get Chicago-style deep dish on G's. Or a bunch of Indian food, complete with buttery, garlicky naan.

Happy D Day Kerri. Good job Chris. Big points for you.

That is sooo cute,I love Fudgy.

This is the first year I'm going to celebrate my D-day with someone else..it will be a memorable autumn.
(1 year married,2 digit D-day,etc)

Oh yeah, he's a keeper. I mean Chris . . . not Fudgy. Fudgy needs to be slurped down asap! :)

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