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You Gotta Fight ... For Your Site.

I am pretty crap with site rotations.  This is a fact, evidenced by the same pad of callous on my fingertips from testing and the smudge of dots on my thighs from infusion sets.  Back when I was taking injections, I favored my arms for a few years, then my stomach, then my legs, building up layers of scartissue and absorption issues with every prick.

I know site rotation is important, but it's never been my strong point.  Until I'm forced to do it.  Change is something I'm reluctant to make sometimes, especially when it comes to managing pain.  I have to be honest - most of the time I prefer using the same site locations because they sting less.  I test on the tips of my fingers because those nerves aren't as responsive and the lancet doesn't sting, for the most part.  Same for my thighs - the infusion sets don't sting as much when they are nested in an already-broken in area.  

But those wild highs forced me to change my stubborn ways.  (Yes, wicked stubborn.  Ask Chris.  Or my mom.  Or ... anyone, I guess.)  And now, after over two weeks of using expanded body real estate, my numbers are faring a bit better.  I'm seeing much better absorption using lower back sites and even though the infusion sets sting like hell for a few minutes after going in, my postprandials are more in range.  I feel like a bit of a stooge for being so stubborn and letting a little sting or a smidge of fear keep me from taking control of this crap. 

This has nothing to do with being stubborn, but I liked the photo.

Ruts - I get in them.  I'll do the same thing, every day, expecting something to change.  And I get all moody when it doesn't.  I frustrate myself because I let complacency or comfort or sometimes fear keep me from making even the tiniest of changes.  I'm now accustomed to having my infusion set on my lower back and I feel comfortable using it.  And my body seems to be enjoying the change, too, because my thighs are starting to heal up and the speckled red dots of old sets are disappearing (helped along by some high octane moisturizers, exfoliation, and some good old fashioned neosporin). 

It's not all awesome, though.  With this new site location on my lower back, the tubing is a bit more exposed and I've found myself forgetting to tuck it back into the waist of my skirt.  It's also less-than-cozy on the first site night, because I sleep on my back and I can feel the infusion set.  But these discomforts are worth it when I'm seeing my blood sugar at 147 mg/dl an hour and a half after lunch.  I'll freaking take that. 

Stubborn Kerri ... she needs to shake things up now and again!  (Only in first person, not in third person.  Third person is not as effective.)


This is good advice. I have been using up my thighs and it may be time to head back to my stomach.

I would only take shots in my stomach and now my sets are in my thighs! Maybe its time for a change.

Great photo!

I too get into patterns with my sites. It is hard to force a change, especially when the nature of managing our diabetes likes habits and "sameness".

I hear you! I have to rotate sites, too. Now, I rotate between upper and lower abdomen, side, back, butt, and hips. But I still have pesky red marks that insist on sticking around long after the infusion set has departed the site. What high octane moisturizers are you using? Do they actually help?

I agree with the stuck in a rut, it is super hard for me to change my site locations. For the first 2 years only used my stomach, then I finally convinced myself to try my thighs (& haven't used my stomach since)!
Since seeing your post on the lower back, I worked up to trying that site ....and once I got over the initial how do I get it placed correctly problems, I've found it a really good change.
Thanks for sharing your experiences & site changes & everything else diabetes related. I really appreciate it!
Have a great week!

My son is the same way about site rotation. His stomach is well used! I use Aveeno lotion on his old site areas, and wow does that stuff work. Good luck! Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog.

I have always used my abdomen for the entire 9 years that I have had a pump, EXCEPT when I was pregnant with my daughter and soon after giving birth. During that time, I switched to back part of my hips, which I actually remember liking...so maybe I need to make a change, too! Blessings!

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