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The Diabetes Police.

The diabetes police are usually well-meaning, usually nice, but most often think they are the resident experts on all things diabetes. Frustrating for sure. Dealing with the diabetes police usually means supressing a sigh, carefully explaining the situation, and hoping it sinks in.  But when the person policing you is someone you love, it can be tricky.

My video post this week is a short cartoon about being hunted by the diabetes police and how Siah, a little iced coffee, and the support of some friends can make a difference. 

Stick people have it easy. They don't even have faces. And cookies fall from the sky.


I like how the diabetes police came by to take your "unhealthy sugar filled" cookie away and ate it. LOL.

I didn't know what vlogging was until now. I learn something new everyday.

Do you know what swole means? I just learned the meaning of that yesterday. Young people are using that word nowadays.

Awesome. Siah is an awesome stickitty.

Okay...I need your help, and the help of any of your readers! I'm the resident food purchaser/preparer, in love with the T1. On a whim, I bought my SO a carrot-cake cupcake (carrot cake is about his favorite thing in the whole wide world, but he's also really, really good about indulging very rarely) and about had an existential crisis on the way home: "should I *not* buy this type of thing?" "but he rarely eats dessert, it's okay just this once, right?" and back and forth and so on and so on. I was a mess by the time I got home.

HELP! Is it the thought that counts? Or is it thoughtless to buy sweets...should I just let him decide when/where/how?

This was a week ago, and I'm stressed writing about it. *sigh*

PS-He thought it was rather ridiculous that I sunk that much time into thinking about it, but I really want to know: are the anti-diabetes police just as bad as the diabetes police?



I think you just need to be open and honest in communicating about treats with your SO. I really like it when my fiance surprises me with a treat but of course he understands if I've had a rough blood sugar day and can't eat it right away.

I can't speak for your SO but I think most people with T1 go by the "everything in moderation" philosophy. I think your cupcake choice (rather than a whole cake) was wise and really allowed it to be a treat rather than an A1C buster!

Don't beat yourself up!

-26, dx age 6

I agree with Alex about everything in moderation. People with diabetes and even those without diabetes should practice it.

It was a thoughtful treat from you. That's fine in my opinion.

The anti-police are the ones who force sweets on people on a regular basis because they think they're "missing out" or being "deprived" if they don't have sweets at their beck and call.

Jen, I think you not worrying about it too much would be the best gift. I don't mean to be offensive, but food that others put in front of me has very little bearing on how I manage my diabetes. Those of us w/ diabetes have to navigate the world thinking about all of our food choices, and making decisions ALL DAY EVERY DAY. One cupcake doesn't make it or break it. Relax and let him tell you what he needs/wants as he sees fit. You are not responsible for his choices, even if you put them in front of him :).


We should all be so lucky as to have our cookies fall from the sky! :o)

Thanks for the vlog!

Kerri -

You are crazy but cool! I hope to be like you when I grow up.

(I also like the talking meter!)

Sain (age 8, dx at age 5)

OMG I *love* the cartoon. It's raining cookies, whee! ;-) Brilliant!

hee hee, I love the stick figures! and the broccoli!

Jen, cheer up, you communicated with your partner and got him a perfect little cupcake as a special treat since you know he chooses carrot cake occasionally (very different from lame piles of junk food in the kitchen !) My partner does the same and sometimes I eat the treat and sometimes I let her eat it for me, and I appreciate her trust.

Man. If broccoli tasted like a cookie, I wouldn't mind the Diabetes Police at all. Wait until it's the Pregnant Diabetes Police and then you'll know REAL fun. For very loose definitions of fun, that is.

RE: Commenter with the Carrot Cake Dilemma--I'm with Alex--ask your guy how he feels. Is he the kind of guy who can have a carrot cake cupcake in the house and not eat it if it's not a good day for it, or is he the kind who can't resist the temptation of his favorite goodie?

But, I do think the thought counts, and that most of us could take that sort of surprise in the vein it was intended.

Unless you stole it in the middle of the night and replaced it with broccoli. Now that's downright mean.

Cute cartoon Kerri! I'm glad Siah was there to help but I think she should have attacked the diabetes police too!

Thank you all for the helpful comments...and re: is he the type of person who can resist, yes...he ended up going on a business trip without eating it, so guess whose hips that cupcake is going to end up on! *sigh* He's very much an 'everything in moderation' and did seem to appreciate the thought.

The entire D-community is a wonderful resource for those of us who are partners too. I've learned so much. Still obviously have a lot to learn, but that keeps life interesting!

Again, thank you all.

you are too much!

Just one question, though:

Where's the lion?

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