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Siah, What Is Wrong With You?

She's a menace. 

While I'm convinced she doesn't have a thought in her head, I've realized that Siah is some kind of agent of evil residing in my house.  She sticks her claw in my arm when she's feeling neglected.  She sleeps on my pillow at night, making my head her personal resting place.  She meows in my face when she wants me to change the tv channel.  Bossy little piglet.  She makes me absolutely crazy.  It's a shame she's so damn cute.

Siah, being a weirdo.  Imagine my shock.

I wish she had fallen asleep with her face slapped against her belly, but alas, Siah was just waking me up as she rolled herself all over the bed, trying to clean every inch of her fat little gray body.

She's so cute.

Yet so, so annoying.


"Bossy little piglet..." LMAO

I heart Siah. So cute!

Hehe! You know, sort of like diabetes: CAN make us healthier more aware (so is that "cute"?) but still soooo annoying.

Siah and El Magnifico are in league with each other ;-) Great shot!

bwah! I can't stop laughing at that picture.

This is just begging to show up at ICHC. I'm not very creative, so I don't have any caption suggestions, but I'm sure they're out there ...

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