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My Glucose Meter Talks To Me.

I spoke with my meter about whether or not he's comfortable talking on camera.  After some cajoling, Meter decided he was ready for his close-up.  He wasn't happy about the nose, and he was a little frustrated that cars kept driving by as we were taping, but overall he was pleased to share his perspectives with the diabetes community.

My Glucose Meter Talks To Me.

Coffee?  Yes, it's making me do strange things.  Why do you ask?


Hmm... well... I am about to test a meter that does talk -- but if it is as accurate with my blood glucose levels as it has (not) been so far with my blood pressure...

I love it's eyes and nose!

Very cool :)

Wicked frustrating!!!

Wicked cute baby Siah at the end!!

That's all the face time I get?

Mine didn't come with a back light or a face! I am calling Medtronic right now!

Awesome post Kerri.

Wow. I am laughing so much that the lady in the cubicle just asked me if I was okay. :)

yer nuts, but funny! hehe

hahaha awesome. Loved the bit about focus ("is that a truck that just went by?...")

Hahahahahahahaha - too funny. Loved the hi / high meter humor. Great job!

Wicked frustrating indeed!!!

Cute eyes and I love it's nose!

Very cool :)

Get your nose off of me and test yourself? LOL

Wait until you have kids and you make their toys "talk" and then they look at you with their cutest 4 month old face wrinkle up their nose and think, "this lady is crazy!" Yep my kids still think I am crazy, mostly because I make their toys talk and sing weird made up songs while they get their diapers changed. How else am I supposed to make it through a day with a 3 year old with diabetes and 1 year old twins!

Does he/she have a name? Will he/she become a regular guest on the show? I sure hope so!


Um...you're wicked cool!

wickehd funny. love his nose!


you are a nut.

and so is your meter.

but i love ya both!

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