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I Love The Dirt.

The Friday Six:  August 29, 2008 editionIt's been almost a month since my last Friday Six, so I thought I'd dust off the photoshop file and revive it for this fine Labor Day weekend.  You know why?  Because I'll be in the woods this weekend.  Camping in the wilds of Maine.

Stop laughing. 

So yes, Chris and I are making the long trek to Maine this weekend to spend our holiday in a tree.  I mean in the wood, camping.  And before you collapse into laughter, I have camped before.  Back in high school, my friends and I used to go camping in the summer all the time.  I love hiking, and there's something so serene about being in a place where there's no television blaring, computer whirring, or people connected to any kind of network.  We're camping out in Acadia National Park one night, then staying at a bed and breakfast in Bar Harbor the next.  I'm very excited to disconnect from EVERYTHING for the weekend.  And it's my first camping trip with the pump, so I'm hopeful that I can keep it clean and safe from the freaking bears. 

In the spirit of camping, long car rides, and packing (oh my!), I've realized that a simple walk in the woods requires some serious backpack stocking-up.  We hit the grocery store last night and I bought several protein bars, high-carb power bars, and a few sports bottles of juice.  At home, I took quick stock of the supplies I need to bring "just in case," like insulin and syringes in case my pump craps out in the woods (i.e. stops working, not craps out in the woods ... you know what I mean), extra infusion sets, test strips, and a cooler to store all the cool-temperature supplies in.  Diabetes means hoping for the best and planning for the worst, and for me, that translates into not packing light.  (We did pack marshmallows, a chocolate bar, and graham crackers, of course.  We are going camping, after all, and what's a night around the campfire without s'mores and insulin?!)

In quasi-political news, a certain flash file made me laugh out loud.  Something about the iced coffee and the grinning faces made my day.  And Biden doing the Cabbage Patch in the back seat.  See for yourself and blame my brother for sending me the weirdest things on the internet.

Team Six Until Me is walking again at the Rhode Island JDRF Walk on October 26th!  If you are in the RI area and you'll be at the walk, please come by and say hello!  Just look for the rag-tag crew of silly people, anchored by my grinning head and the grinning heads of my friends and family. 

Last week, Chris and I visited NYC and went to the Top of the Rock.  Yes, it's a big ol' tourist draw and I can't pretend to be anything more than a tourist.  (I'm from Rhode Island - we hardly ever leave the borders of our own damn state! Living in CT is like breaking all the rules.)  Anyway, going to the top of Rockefeller Center was very cool.  The view, as you can imagine, is remarkable.  Of course we took a pile of pictures.  We haven't had much time to get into the city lately, but I'm always impressed with what it has to offer every time I go.

And unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to do a vlog this week, but I'll do one early next week.  And I think I may need to finally respond to the gauntlet laid down by Mr. Bennet himself - for the Whack-A-Meter challenge.  I have plenty of old school meters in my home that don't work and I don't think there are even strips being made for them anymore.  It may be time to take out my aggressions on those symbols of diabetes.  Anybody with me?   It may actually feel good.

Have a good three-day weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday!  (After I pick the spiders out of my hair.  Oh good Lord.)


Have a great weekend trip. It sounds like fun.

I did the meter smashing thing the other day and it felt good until I realized It was the meter I used :(

Maine is beautiful--and I think camping one night and a B&B the next is a perfect combo. Bar Harbor is supposed to be spectacular!

Have fun. And also watch out for moose.

Have fun camping!!

I don't have any old meters because the OCD in me doesn't allow clutter in my house! My diabetes crap takes up enough space as it is! I do remember my first meter though... it was an "Accuchek 2" and it took like 60 seconds! You had to wipe off the blood with a little cotton ball and stick it in the machine.


Weird timing on mentioning the Whack-A-Meter Challenge - I was just going through an old box of diabetes stuff this morning and was trying to figure out what the heck to do with my old meters. Well, now I have my solution!

ahhh... I remember my first meter. It was the size of a brick and cost $500. Now they just give 'em away!! I wish I still had that one to smash, tho' :) I may be able to scrounge up one or 2... Oh! The fun to be had!!

OH!!! ...and have fun camping!! :)

we loved Acadia when we were there three years ago.

and you made my day with that silly Dems thingie.

First, have fun and relax as far as camping with the pump.

I got my pump in May, just over 3 years ago, that August I went on a Week Long camping trip to Letchworth State Park in Southern New York (grand canyon of the east).

It was AMAZING! The best camping trip ever. No worries of syringes or pens or two different insulins.

LOVED having my pump for that vacation. Made hiking and walking around easier, a bit less to carry. ;-)

I packed like a mad woman too, the just in case because I am 3 hrs from home, luckily only 30 mins from a pharmacy, where are all the juice boxes going to fit, will the chocolate melt, please put my insulin on top of the steak on top of the ice and let's try not to ruin the box that holds the insulin when the ice melts.

It will be great.

Whack A Meter just made me smile. But the old meters I do have, do work, have current test strips available and depending on where my next stash comes from, gotta keep 'em all. Otherwise, I live three floors up and I think the sidewalk could use a makeover. hee hee.

Happy Friday (miss the Friday Six title btw) and Happy Labor Day.

I'm so with you on the not packing light! I had a 4 day weekend away last weekend. I didn't need to refill my pump the entire time I was gone and changed my infusion set only once. Yet in my bag were 2 vials of Humalog, back-up long acting insulin, my old pump as a spare, half a dozen infusion sets, over 100 test strips, a big tub of 50 glucose tabs..... enough to make my bag a full 3kg heavier than my travelling companion's bag according to the airport scales! It frustrates me no end, but I guess it's better than the potential alternative.

Hope you have great fun camping!

Hi Campers!... Wait Wait... that is the first part of the post...

Hi Whackers!... wait that doesn't sound good either...

My Fellow Americans! (That has been working well this week.)

Remember it is your patriotic duty to make a video of you Meter Whacking Experiences and post the URL over at YDMV so we can all enjoy in the fun. Bonus points for beating it to death with a ringing telephone at 3:00AM.

I'm so jealous. I wanted to go camping this summer atleast once and I never got to go.

Sorry, I'm a little late with this, but I love your video posts! Aren't they fun? I even wrote about it today. http://xrl.us/oowwt

Have a good time. I really need to go back to Acadia. The last time I was there I was 10 or 11. I hardly remember it.

I'm going to save all of my daughter's old meters, and then when they have cured diabetes someday, we can put them in a museum. Imagine, people can look at them in horror, and remember when children who had diabetes actually had to use those things!

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