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F-Ing Insurance Company.

Over the last three months, I've received no less than ten phone calls from a collections agency:

"Mrs. Moron?  You owe us $100 for insulin pump supplies."

"It's More-own.  Actually, it's Sparling now.  And I do not owe your company anything.  I've been paying my co-payments with each order."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Sparkling.  Our records show that you owe one hundred."

I tell them they are wrong.  They say they'll check their records and call me back.  About a week later, the phone will ring again:

"Mrs. Sparlinc?  Your balance is $60 owed to us."

"That is incorrect.  I don't owe you guys anything.  Can you send me supporting documentation?  I want to make sure our records are synching up.  And my last name is Sparling.  With a g at the end."


They send another bill, instead of supporting documents.  The bill is for $100 (I thought they just said $60?)  I call them:

"This is Kerri Sparling.  I received another bill from you, but I believe it is incorrect."

"Yes.   You owe $40."

"The bill says $100.  Last time you called, you said $60.  Now it's $40?"

"Wait, I was wrong.  You owe $60.  Please send a check or we will have to pursue legal action."

"This is ridiculous.  Do not call me again.  I am writing a check for $60 today.  Don't call me, don't bill me without supporting documentation, and please, please get my name right."

I mailed out the check last week, on August 19th.  I received correspondence from them today, dated August 21st:

Idiot insurance company.

A refund of $40, made out to "Kerri Morron [sic]."  Frigging idiots.  Now I'll wait for them to send back my $60.  In the meantime, I'm sure they'll send me a bill.


That sounds like an issue with Minimed or whoever you get supplies from, not insurance. My supply companies can never get things right either. My current order was suppose to be here a month ago, and no signs of it yet.

GRRR!! So Effing Annoying!

Your insurance peeps and my insurance peeps must have crawled out from under the same slimy rock...

I thought insurance companies were supposed to be helpful. Obviously with the CGM that doesn't get covered, submission of medical reciepts that take over a month to get credit for, and the misbilling and horrible math that happens to reimburse me incorrectly that happens almost EVERYTIME I submit receipts - they are not doing their job as I think it should be done. I find the employees are very supportive of a CGM when I explain what it does - it's the bureaucratic crap that rules.

where do you get your supplies from?

Yep. Took 6 months to clear up a billing mistake with my a medical company with my wife. They kept trying to send the claim to an insurance carrier that we had not had in over 3 years. We kept telling them that we don't use ABC insurance ( not the real name ) and to submit to XYZ insurance. Every month we would get another note saying ABC refused the claim. Aarrrgh!!

wow, that's impressively stupid. i've been billed at home for copays i've taken care of in the pharmacy. makes me mad.

I'm in the process of suing CVS/Caremark, Inc. for failure to fulfill a script as written by the doctor. I had a diatribe about it a week or so ago. These private healthcare providers' inefficiencies should be considered when making arguments about a single-payer system!!

I despise dealing with insurance companies. I have luckily had good luck with my current plan. However I do keep getting bills from two years ago from a physician I paid...they say I didn't pay...but I sent in supporting documents to my insurance company...they erased it but the doctor keeps sending me messages...arrghh!

My sister had a small stroke about a month ago and the hospital told her they would pay 75% of the bill via charity care. The bill was for $20,000. Well %75 is $15,000. Well theses dumb idiots told my sister that she owed %15,000 instead of the $5,000 she actually owes. I think they hire people with discalculia which is the inability to do math.

not to be nitpicky, but isn't this F-ing Pump Supply Company? Sounds like they are going after the portion that falls between your co-pay and the negotiated amount they agreed to accept from your insurance company. I'd call the insurance coordinator at the supply company to figure out what the heck is going on.

Honestly, Minimed could cure diabetes and I'd be afraid to go back into business with them after the billing errors they made with me.

One time I decided to switch endos because mine wouldn't read the pump charts (he wanted me to hand write them). Anyway, I sat in that doctor's office for THREE HOURS, and then sat in a waiting room for 20 minutes while he chit-chatted with a pharm rep about their vacation plans outside the door. That was IT. I was out of there.

Then they billed me for like a year for that $20 co-pay. After many attempts to clear it up, I said something along the lines of "If you contact me again regarding this bill, unless it is to provide eveidence that I was seen by the doctor, then you will be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and you will pay to me a sum of $5,000 for each subsequent violation."

Never heard a word again.

ha, that reminds me of the time that my college would not send me my diploma because they owed me $11.
also reminds me of the time a certain insulin pump company owed me $1000+ and they took almost a year to pay it back, in tiny little bits.


There is one good thing about not having insurance and having to pay out of pocket: you place your order online, pay with a credit card and get your pump supplies within 3 days. The end.

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