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Slackin' A Bit.

Larry Bird is my workout buddy.  In my mind, at least.The phone rings.  I look at the caller ID and groan.  I do not even want to pick this call up because it's going to be nothing but a bunch of nagging and I don't want to ...

Kerri:  Hello?


Kerri:  (sighs)  I know it's you.  

Larry Bird:  (laughs)  Dude, you always know.  How do you know?  It's like you have a sixth sense or something.

Kerri:  Or caller ID.  You're calling my cell phone.

Larry Bird:  Oh.  

  Besides, I sort of figured I'd hear from you this week.  But I have a good reason!

Larry Bird: 
Kerri, I can't think of a single good reason you haven't been to the gym since Monday night.

Kerri:  Larry, Chris was sick with a nasty cold.  And I wanted to stay home and keep him company ... you know, hang out a little bit?

Larry Bird: 
Great, so instead of going to the gym and doing me on the treadmill, you decided to stay home with your husband's germs and see if you can get sick, too?  (giggles)

  I wanted to hang out with him!  I don't need to justify that to you ... dude, why  are you giggling?

Larry Bird:  I said (giggles uncontrollably) "do me on the treadmill."  Out of context, that just sounds ridiculous.

(laughs)  You have a point.  And I'm going to the gym tonight, so get off my case, okay?

Larry Bird: 
You know I only bug you because I care.  Otherwise I'd just call you, say "Merry f#%&ing Christmas," and bury another three-pointer.

Another good point.  Okay, thanks for checking in on me once again.  I promise to be more on the ball with getting some exercise in.  But I swear, I've been to the gym five times a week for a good long time now.  It's officially a routine.   I won't let it slide.

Larry Bird:  Good to hear.  Best to the husband.  Be good to him, okay?  There can only be one.

Kerri:  Merry f#%&ing Christmas.   (laughs)

Larry Bird: 



"doing me on the treadmill" totally made me giggle when I read it too. I shutter to think the Google hits that will bring to your blog. :)

I giggled with Larry and Karen. Too funny!

OMG Kerri!!!!
That was fantabulouso!!!!!!!!
Just fantastic, superb, awesome!! Well done girl, well done!!

I kept reading and thinking, who's gonna say what next!! LMAO!!! Whew! I needed that!


But I can't imagine Larry Bird giggling.....hmmm.

I like these posts because it confirms that you are weird. Good luck getting to the gym tonight!!!

I'm giggling at the thought of what Larry Bird might sound like when he giggles.

Holy crap Kerri you crack me. That is why you would be the first i would look up when i come to NYC!

Kerri, that is just so hilarious !!!

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