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Landed!It's been a long day of crappy airplane food and kids behind me on the plane repeatedly kicking my seat and hollering "Mickey MOUSE!!  Mickey MOUSE!!", but I've landed in OrLANDo (cannot resist a crappy pun, sorry) and have checked in to the hotel for my first Children With Diabetes "Friends For Life" conference. 

I'll take copious notes on the chaos that is sure to ensure, and I'll have my trusty camera at my side every day, so hopefully I can get some good shots of the event.  Or maybe I'll be able to duck into the secret tunnels underneath Disney World and see what Goofy looks like without his head on.

To unmask Goofy.  That is my CWD conference goal.  Oh, and to learn stuff.

More later!


Glad to hear you made it in one piece. I know you are a nervous flyer. :)
Enjoy the conference and I can't wait to see what happened there! Keep us posted.

Oh Kerri, I know Goofy, seriously...

I logged into AIM today and wondered where you were. I had something to tell you, but now I forget. Hopefully I'll remember again :)

Have a good time!! And get yourself some Mickey Mouse ears!!

Not only is it crappy airline food - but it's crappy airline food you now have to pay extra for, huh? And extra for luggage too. Makes flying even less worse. But at least you are there and ready for a wonderful week!! Have fun - oh yeah, and learn lots!

Are you sure you weren't on a plane from Phoenix to Orlando? Your flight sounds a lot like ours was today. I'm just thankful the airport was reopened in time for us to land without having to circle - that would have done me in. My son kept asking if I was OK because I spent most of the flight with my eyes closed. Did I mention I hate flying, too?
Hope to bump into you somewhere here at FFL! :)

PS....Hidden tunnels, huh? Might have to change our itinerary....

I worked there when I was 16 and actually do have photos of the dwarf's heads on a support rack.
I also have a zoo crew tshirt that they would wear under their costumes....ahh memories of the mouse...:)

Say hi to Tinkerbell and Peter Pan for me lol......Got to love my tink.....

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