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Give Me The Sample!

Antisocial little droplet
Hiding in my fingertip.
I called for you - you did not answer!
Forcing me to now reprick.

I lanced again, into the tissue,
Calloused hard from all these thuds,
I squeezed my finger with the purpose
Of procuring bright red blood.

But no!  My body stayed so stubborn,
Not giving me a proper sample.
"I'll change the lancet - then I'll finally
Get results."  My smile was ample.

Knowing that it wasn't time
To change the clocks or check detectors,
I still swapped out my old lancet
For a fresh, sharp blood collector.

I pressed the button, heard the shunk
And felt the sting of proper lancing,
Squeezed my finger, saw the blood
And did a jig of happy dancing.

I'd forgotten how convenient
It could be to just prick once -
Leaving me, the lancet horder,
Feeling like a mild dunce.

I suggest, my Faithful Readers
That you heed my sage advice.
Don't forget to change the lancet -
Prick your finger once, not twice!

Three little blood droplets, all in a row...


Or, you could do what I do...

If it at first you don't get blood,
don't assume that finger's a dud.
Squeeze hard as you can, just one more try.
It will probably squirt blood right into your eye.

Gee...brilliant rhymes. Can ya tell I'm a writer?

I believe you called these dotties :) great post

You just need a semi-circle at the bottom for a nice, bloody, smiley face. :-) Or maybe it should be a sad face--sad fingers from too many pokes. :-(

Hmm... if I don't get a drop from my finger, chances are my finger is cold -- and the reading will be 20 points or more lower than my true blood glucose level. Forearm usually works best for me...

For years I pricked my fingertips in the exact same spot that you do and it was painful.

Then another diabetic told me about using the sides of my finger. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and it is not nearly as painful as using the tips. So please give this a try: the area I'm referring to is located on either side of your nail bed just on the side of your fingertip. There aren't as many nerve endings there as there are at the tip. Hope this makes sense. :)

hahaha. that happens to me too!! except sometimes i only prick it once and it will spring up from 2 places! crazziness.

I feel proud that I've been sticking to my new year's resolution to change the lancet first thing EACH morning instead of probably twice a month like I used to! I'm still using lancets from a prescription I filled in 4/04, got my co-pay worth on that one! (and btw- they have a 'use by' date!)

I often wonder if I have a right to complain about my sore fingers considering that I change the needle only when it is so dull and curved it get's stuck in there. Ya, that's happened.

I, too, am trying to make a conscious effort to change the lancet once a day. I used to be adament about that sorta thing!!

I'm got the 'clicky' set on 4, and I will prick my until I get blood. I'm surprised I don't have needle tracks on my fingers!

And, after reading your blog on terminology... I'm SO glad i'm not the only person who tests while driving. WHEN did I pick up that wonderful habit?!?! lol

I like that you actually have fun here. Your blog is a welcome change from other dbloggers who just want to peddle their wares. Keep up the good work and keep fighting to raise awareness for PWD!

Wait, you can change lancets? So THAT's why mine is dull as a paperclip. Hmm, must be blue moon time.

Love it! Just the pickup I needed today, a piece of brilliant writing on a mundane topic. Thanks, Kerri!

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