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Fur Coats.

IdiotsI was on the highway coming to work this morning, looked over to my left, and saw a man.  In his black BMW.  Wearing a full fur coat.  In July. 

Can't say anything else about this - it was too startling all on its own.


Are you L.A.? j/k

Are you sure he wasn't an exhibitionist driving in the nude?

LOL!!! George, I totally forgot about the furry LA experience.

Andrew - That's a great episode. And ha!

Shannon - One can never be too sure. Fairfield County has it's share of oddballs. ;)

Umm... "furry" has a meaning completely different from "furred" or "fur-clad".

tmana - LOL!!! I have heard of the Furries. The Flaming Lips have dressed as furries. ;)

Yup, that sounds like Fairfield County!!! :) I mean, okay, it's much cooler here now that the humidity has moved out - but certainly not cool enough for fur coats. Not for at least four more months!!

Was George Michael playing on the radio? I'm just sayin'...

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