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Donald Trump Sausage.

(This is another bit of a grost (gross post), but it made me laugh too hard not to share.)

I had to groom Abby the Fat Cat on Saturday morning.  The aftermath included a happy Abby and a disgusting ball of AbbyFur. 

Somehow, the furball ended up on Siah's head. She sat there, patiently, balancing it like a seal.  And she looked so much like Donald Trump that it made me laugh.  Hard. 

Donald Trump Siah Sausage 

There is no reason for this cat.  No reason at all. 

Also, there was no reason for my entire morning today.  I woke up feeling fine (a bit tired, but overall fine) and headed into work.  Around 9 am, my head felt like it was splitting open on the left hand side and my eyes couldn't even look at the bright computer screen.  My co-worker, who has experienced migraines before, confirmed for me that I was enjoying my first migraine headache.

"You mean it's normal for me to feel like my eyes were dilated and now I can't see right?"  I asked.

"Not abnormal."

"This is crap."

After an hour of attempting to write and focus on work, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to drop off the radar for a few hours to reclaim my brain.  After a nap in a cold, dark room in my apartment, I felt much better and returned to work.

Do you guys get migraine headaches?  This is the first one I've ever had and it was wicked.  I do not ever want to experience that again, and I have such respect for people who have these headaches regularly.  Is this a common occurance for people with diabetes?  How do you manage your migraines?  And what the heck can I do to keep this issue from cropping up again?  Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Headaches suck. 

(And, in case you haven't noticed the changes, I've done a bit of a reshuffling of the content here on my blog.  There's a new archives page and a three-column layout now, in addition to a bunch of other crap that I'm still muddling through.  Let me know what you think!)   


OMFG...you're fired!

I get miserable-make-me-cry-deadly migraines. I get to the point where I can't stop vomiting even on an empty stomach and when that happens, I have to go to the ER for a morphine drip. They weren't as bad when I first started getting them, but they've gotten progressively worse over time.

Now I was prescribed really strong meds in addition to nausea medication.

When I used to be able to sleep off my migraines, I'd be able to take 4 Advil and take a nap. I'd feel like a new person afterward.

Hi Kerri, I was just getting ready to blog about my migraine at a baseball game on Friday night. My mom gets horrible, makes her puke, migraines regularly...like sometimes a couple every week. I get them maybe 1x every 2-3 months. I don't know if it's diabetes related or not. The best way for me to keep them at bay is to: 1.) stay hydrated, 2.) get plenty of rest, 3.) get plenty of exercise, and 4.) don't stress. I think the hydration and stress might be the most important two though.

When I do get them, I treat immediately with 2 Excedrin Migraine pills, water, and a nap in a quiet, perfectly pitch black room.

Sorry you had to experience one. I hope your first was also your last!

Glad you were able to sleep it off. Migraines are really awful - not something I'd wish on my worst enemy. I've had them on and off in cycles since I was about 14 with the head splitting one-sided pain you describe and the kind of vomiting Shannon describes. I tend to get them in cycles where I'll get them regularly every 4-6 weeks for a while, then a long stretch with none at all. I have no idea if they're related to diabetes, but extremes of blood sugar in either direction certainly don't seem to help. Or lack of sleep...

I swear by a drug called Sumatriptan (marketed here as Imigran). The tablet version I tried first was next to useless, as I'd always throw them up, but I now have both nasal spray and injectable versions. Taking Imigran and sleeping usually sorts it out a treat.

Hope you (and me, and everyone else who suffers) never have another, though.

I've had them before but they don't come in any predictable pattern for me. Sometimes they feel like lows at first because I get auras and tingling (one-sided, which is the only way I can tell them apart). The first time I got one I swear my IQ dropped about 50 points and my roommate laughed at my inability to coordinate movement (it was funny in retrospect). A couple months ago I had three or four in the course of a month, which was pretty miserable. I finally got to the point where, as soon as I got warning signs, I'd go throw down some home-concocted Excedrin sans caffeine and lay down for a while.
I've noticed I tend to get them after a long period of stress. This most recent bout of them was while I was living 340 miles away from my husband for graduate school.
All better now though - hope they're not here to stay for you!

Welcome to my world. :-( As you know I get my cluster migraines which is one headache thats lasts for about a week or so. Some tricks of the trade: Sleep, Excendrin, heating pads on the back of the neck,caffine (soda or chocolate), a cold dark room, a cold washcloth on your head, two or three cats (hopefully not sitting on your head) and last but most important...time. They can take over your day if you don't get them in time...I hope this is not a trend for you...Nurse BF and I would will not be pleased if we pass our crappy migraines on to you!!! Hope it passes and never comes back...learning to get through your day with a migraine rates so low on my list of things to do.
a very quiet - cheers and hugs

Don't get migraines myself, but a friend of mine swears by Excedrin. Hope you never have to use the tips people are giving you, though!

And now, a website to ponder:


Some people have too much time and/or expendable income.

(hidden message: share your expendable income with meeeee!)

The first time I had a migraine I was 11 years old, sitting in class, and suddenly little zig zaggy lines took over half of my vision (like snow on a blank TV channel). I thought I was dying of a stroke. Little did I know in 20 minutes I would be in excruciating pain and crazy nausea. Since then, I've had them to varying degrees (once a month to every 3 days, depending). I've taken imitrex but I felt like I was having a heart attack. I also took ergomar which is a derivative of some corn fungi - but in the long run, excedrin has carried me through. Wake up at 3am from the aura, pop two pills and have a snack, and usually I can sleep it off. Hung over for a few days though. This came long before my dx of diabetes. A lot of the time for chronic sufferers it's hereditary (thanks Grandpa). It can be very trying on employers who don't understand the severity, but I am blessed with one whose wife suffers as well.

I went to kittywigs.com and I am now laughing the ever living daylights out of myself.

Pink Passion is killing me.

Wow, this was your first? Welcome to the club, I hope you never get one ever again.
I used to get them at least once every couple of months when I was in elementary, middle and high school. No rhyme or reason why. Way back then the only way I treated them was to lay down with a hot face cloth on my forehead in a dark room and fall asleep. Usually worked. If I didn't do that as soon as I felt it coming on, I would then get sick to my stomach.
I haven't gotten one in years now. I do think they are very much tied to stress, I also think they subconsciously caused me to shy away from becoming a Type A, I'm now much more a Type AB personality, heavy on the B side.

I have begun having migraines in the last year or so, and I can attest to the fact that they suck in the biggest way. If I wake up with the "tingle" in the back of my neck (one side), and I can get enough Advil (4) and a few more hours of sleep, I can usually keep it down to a dull roar. If I wake up and have to go to work, it's a miserable, awful time until I can get home, take half a Vicodin and pass out. I haven't had my doc prescribe any of the migraine meds since i haven't been to see him in a while and I still have a few Vicodin left from a prior surgery. :) Mine seem to come along with monthly hormones, though stress makes them EVER so much worse. Hope you don't have any more of them - one is MORE than enough. :)

I get migraine headaches so bad that I can't stand light, sound or any kind of food. I have tried several different types of oral medications for them and I ended up having to go on immitrex injections. Wasn't a big deal to me since I already knew how to do injections. The injections make my face go numb (normal side effect) and then I usually sleep for about an hour after taking one and then I am good to go for the rest of the day.

I get one migraine every two or three years (and it started before the diabetes). I will lose the center of my vision about 20-30 minutes before the headache starts. If you're gonna have them, that's the way to do it because I can hit it with the meds and the nap almost before the pain starts.

And I like the design updates. :)

No moar kibblz? UR fired!!1!

I generally take Excedrin Migraine, or I take my mom's time-tested migraine remedy...one tylenol, one aspirin and a drink with caffeine. (ie. chase your pills with a diet coke) Yeah, I get the occasional migraine, especially depending on where I am in the ol' menstrual cycle.

They're no fun, but I'm not surprised that I get them. My mom used to get them once in a while.

Migraines really do stink big time. I found that if you go to the doc almost immediately they will try immitrex on you. It worked wonders for me. Oh and another friendly reminder please e-mail me a picture of you for the FFL adult collage.

When I was a teen, I had a migraine at least once a week, if not more often. The 'can't function', have to sleep it off, don't make me deal with light of any kind' type.

I don't know what changed in my adult life, but every time I'm reminded of those headaches I thank all the gods and lucky stars that I don't have these to deal with. I may have lots of various health things to cope with, but thanksfully I don't have migraines these days.

I had one migraine oh, about 15yrs ago, and to cure it, I had super strong coffee, followed by super strong chamomile tea. The caffiene helped open the blood vessels and the chamomile helped relax me (and the blood vessels) enough to be able to get through the moment.

Sure wouldn't wish a migraine on anyone. No surree. Sending you love and hugs.

I have had migraines since I was in high school. I get the blurred vision complete with nausea and wanting to put my head through a brick wall. I am on Midrin when they first hit. Afterwards feel like a limp rag doll completely wiped out. My Mom and Sister also get them. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Hope you do not get another one.

Siah Trump!

I have been getting migraines since I was 13. When I was a teen, they were awful - both in intensity and frequency. They were so bad I would take valium for them. Now I only get them when dehydrated or incredibly over-tired. My remedy has been 800mg of ibuprofen and 3 Tums (to counteract the stomach-churning-and-burning effects of the ibuprofen). It has failed me only once, and I was both dehydrated AND over-tired. I tend to work through them but if I have my druthers, I take a lie down in the nearest dark room with a cool wash cloth on my head.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, take frequent computer breaks, and get your rest. If you start to get them more frequently, or if they are accompanied by an aura (usually described as visual changes that precede a migraine) or neurologic symptoms (numbness/weakness in extremities), see your doctor.

Glad you're feeling better and I'm incredibly jealous you got to see Eddie Izzard!!

Ive started to get bad headaches lately too. Its hard to say what it might be from such as stress or when my sugars are high or low and with allergy season in full bloom pick one !
I think the last one I had was due from the heat but oh well as I have been told Im not allowed to get sick at work.
Havent figured that one out yet!


sorry about the headache Kerri. Those suck big time.

I've had migraines off and on since age 11; I used to take prescription drugs for them, but in recent years I've found that one Excedrin Migraine (which is Tylenol, aspirin, and caffeine) taken at the first sign of a migraine will nip it in the bud for me now. I hope it doesn't happen again for you, but it may be worth picking up a bottle to have on standby just in case.

Working in a cubicle does that to me once and i while, whether my bloodsugars are good or bad. the constant screen staring messes with you.

Hello: I had migraines long before I had diabetes and mine were caused by reactions to different foods. For me it is bell peppers-green, red and yellow,red pepper flakes,avocado,and bananas. They caused migraine
for many days. It could be very little of them in the food. Also if my blood sugar is high than drops to fast it can give me a head ache. Not as bad as the food though.I quit eating all those foods and read ingredients on all labels.You find out the world is made of peppers.
I kept a food log for another allergy and that is what finally made me realize what was causing the head aches.
Hopes this helps.

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