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CWD: Lancet Devices.

At the CWD conference, there was a big ol' expo going on while the focus groups were taking place.  Every company from Omnipod to Dex4 to my friends at diaTribe were interacting with the CWD Friends for Life attendees. 

Before the expo, I was talking with Sara about lancing devices.  (My life is a thrill a minute, no?)  She swears by the Muliticlix, while I had never used one before.

"You NEVER have?  We need to fix that."   

So when the expo opened that morning, we went off to find the folks at Accu-Chek, so I could try out one of their Multiclixes.  (Multiclixes?  Multiclixi?  How do you make that one plural?)  After a demonstration, some questions, and wrangling them to hand over a demo device, I also checked out the Renew booth and convinced them to hand over a sample, too.

So now that the dust has settled from CWD, I finally had a minute to try out these devices.  

First, the Renew.  I'll admit it:  It looked like a spaceship, so I was intrigued.  I liked the color choices (mine is the old lime green one they first marketed, but they have a whole new selection of colors now) and it's reasonably small.  However, I needed to read the manual before I could get the cartridge in there.  I'm not sure if it was the lack of coffee in my system or my overblown KerriBerry technojoy, but I couldn't figure out how to unhinge the thing to get the lancing cartridge in there.

Kerri and the Renew

The manual was clear, thankfully, so within a few seconds, I had the cartridge loaded up and ready to roll.  Thanks to decades of diabetes and an unquenchable desire to prick the center of my fingers instead of the sides, I have some serious calluses to work through.  I used the "3" setting at first, but that barely made a dent and produced the teeniest drop of blood ever.  Cranking it up to the "4" setting procured a good drop. 

The device is less painful (admittedly) than the One Touch lancing device I used every day, but here's the big drawback:  every new test uses a new lancet.  Yes, this is best for finger health and to avoid infection, but it's also a big, fat waste of a lancet if you aren't able to draw blood with the first prick.  Testing my blood sugar once used two lancets, and there are only 20 in the cartridge.  I'm hoping that a future generation of this product allows lancet reuse (for us old-timers who only change lancets with our clocks). And I'm also hoping that the future generation is a little smaller because while I was intrigued by the round design, it doesn't fit neatly into any of my factory meter cases.

Kerri tried out the Multiclix, too.

I also tried out the Muliticlix and Sara is right:  this thing is pretty pain-free.  The woman at the Accu-Chek booth was telling us about the patented technology they have for their devices, keeping the lancet on a track so it doesn't spiral into your finger and rip up your skin any more than necessary.  I've used it a few times already in the last day or two and the results have been pretty good.  Once I figured out how to insert the drum (I'm fumbly-clumsy these days, and it took me a few seconds to load this one, too), it was all systems go.  The shape of this device is the familiar cylindrical one, and it fits into my meter case.

Pros for this device are that you can reuse the same lancet as many times as you'd like.  Economical, in my eyes, because I'm not wasting lancets.  It also, as I said before, fits in my meter case, which makes it easier to integrate into my current routine.  The cons on the Multiclix are that the depth settings just aren't deep enough for a veteran tester like me.  On one of my least-calloused fingers, I'm using the "4" setting.  Maybe with continued use, the calluses would ease up a bit, but from my perspective now, it would be good if the settings went up another notch.  Or two.  ;)

Have you guys used any of these devices?  What was your experience - good or bad?  

(And I'm also waiting for my Pelikan Sun device to be mailed to me - more on that once it arrives!)

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My daughter uses the Multiclix and really likes it. I have used it on myself during my pregnancy and it doesn't even hurt on someone who has no callouses on their fingers. Our favorite lancet device by far.

We use the Mulitclix for Emma and she's never complained a bit about it. The time or two I have used it has been great. I'm using the new lancing device that came with my new One Touch Meter, and it's pretty good. I've actually seen someone use a syringe to poke their finger before. OUCH!

I would not use a device that went through a lancet with every click. Why make one of the cheapest aspects of diabetes care more expensive? How much does 1 drum cost? I would go through almost one a day.

The Multiclix thing looks interesting.

What I'm looking for in a lancet device is something small, since I like to bring it with me when I exercise. Also it should not be expensive, for me, since I have been known to lose them while on my bike.

If it actually got rid of some of the scars on my fingers that would definitely be a bonus. Pain, I don't really care about at this point.

Actually what I want to know (and this is somewhat unrelated) is why my fingers will bleed from multiple locations only after I poke a new hole.

They gave my daughter a Multiclix when she was diagnosed T1 six months ago, and within 2 months, she was operating it entirely by herself (she was 4 years old), so that speaks for its ease of use. Of course, since she's only been diagnosed for six months, she hasn't had time to build up callouses on her fingers yet, but we were able to get through her grandfather's fairly thick skin with a setting of 3.5 -- and the settings go up to 6. Its minimal pain is *wonderful*; she was cringing every time the nurse came at us in the hospital with a standard kids' lancet, but she actually LIKES testing with the Multiclix. Whenever we're at the doctor and they need a blood draw, we whip out the Multiclix and have her do her own "stick" -- it always impresses the nurses!

I've been using the multi-clix for a while now, and I LOVE it!
The model I have has 5 and a half depth settings, so yay - calousses beware!
I know that it's 'bad' to use any kind of puncturing machine more than once (HA!), so I'm not sure if it makes a difference whether you change it every 100 or 300 times, but I really do find that it psychologically causes me to change lancets slightly more often. All it takes is a turn of the device and I'm on a new lancet, and even changing the drum is easier than a lancet...
Also, the lancet actually feels different. The first puncture of each one is an odd yet, pain free sensation.
The size is the only drawback... it looks mammoth when I have it next to my freestyle mini!
All in all, this is top notch!

I have both. They're both nice, but for the reasons you mention, I'm a die hard Multiclix fan. Everyone really seems to love the Multiclix.

I'm with everyone else... I love my Multiclix! I've been using it for the past 2 years and haven't had one problem with it yet. I actually have a "sample" Renew at home as well, so I'll have to give that one a try as well. Hope you continue to enjoy your Multiclix as much as I enjoy mine!

I took the multiclix out of a meter I got at a Walk and I use it with my one touch meter. I LOVE it. I use anywhere from a 1.5 to a 2.0 for depth. I am thinking that I was using deeper at first when I started. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as others and I have always said I would buy another multiclix if I lost mine. I've been using it for about a year.

Well, you know which one I prefer! ;)

I haven't even opened the Renew packaging yet. We'll see.

Maybe on the sides of your fingers you wouldn't need to go as deep - but good/bad habits are hard to break!

The Pelikan Sun device is wonderful as far as a lancing device goes. It is a little bulky but my fingers are looking normal (before diabetes)!!! I have met my durable medical co-pay for the year so my insurance company payed for the whole device which was pretty cool. If you don't enjoy the pain of other lancing devices than the Pelikan Sun is the way to go. It is virtually pain free.

we like the multiclick too, but the one we have goes in our "going out" bag. Daily we just use the BD device with the 33g lancets. For whatever reason Ian admits that the "blue one" hurts less but doesn't want to use it daily.
We only use the 0 setting (or whatever the lowest one is) on the multiclick. no callouses yet.

The first time I ever used the multiclix, I wasted an entire drum by not understanding how to load it. Otherwise, I like it a lot. I keep it as a spare. I, like many, wish it were smaller. I prefer the Freestyle lancing device because it's so small, but those caps fall off the freestyle every time you blink. The multiclix is the perfect option for kids, I think, and I agree that it's the most painless option out there.

I LOVE Multiclix! I use it all the time with all my meters...it's seriously painfreee. :)

I love the Multiclix!

I got to try the Pelikan Sun at the conference. It was no less painful than my usual pricker AND it's $200. I just can't see the pros at that price!


The Pelikan Sun device is a lot less painful. If it hurt then it was not adjusted properly for the part of the finger you pricked it on. I will admit that it is trial and error in the beginning but once you know how to adjust it properly it does not hurt at all. I also got my insurance company to pay for it otherwise I would agree that $200 out of pocket is a bit much but I am glad I am using it. Black pepper fingers be gone!

I love the multiclix! I use the five setting though. Wouldn't trade it.

I just wanted to thank you Kerri for bringing up this topic ... because now I dug out my multiclix from my aviva's (that I no longer use) and there is such a difference! I don't know why I didn't notice the difference myself when I switched to one touch but thanks to you, my fingers will now have some relief! :)

I started getting my testing supplies through Liberty, and even when I ask them not to, they send me enough lancets to use one for each strip. And even though I'm trying to remember to switch out the lancet each time, I'm pretty sure they're going to find my body crushed by a giant pile of lancet boxes.

I also use a multiclix and it is great. i like the fact that it holds 5 lancets, making it very easy to change to a new one, but like everyone else I change lancets about once every 25 times. I also have about a 20 year supply of lancets. I do not believe I will need any more lancets for the rest of my life, but they keep sending them to me.

I use the multiclix, with 6 needles. I probably change the needle 2-3 times per day, and it's really easy to change the needle on the multiclix vs. the one touch or the softclix. No poking myself, and no loose needles in my bag if I change it during the day. You can look at the needle and see if it's used because of the paper on it.
But frankly, sometimes even the lowest setting is too much for my fingers. I have two years of D and I still bleed really easily.

Ditto Multiclix. I bought one, lost it, and was eagerly on the lookout for sales on them until I found another for $8 at Walgreens. They seem to be the only place I go where I can find them consistently on sale. I just bought a backup this past week since I tend to leave mine on the kitchen table sometimes. I think I use the 3.5 to 4 settings primarily.
I will say the first time I used it I couldn't figure out how to switch the lancets through the drum part and wound up flipping through them all by accident. Oops.

I LOVE the renew lancet disk. It feels like just tiniest electrical little buzz of a shock - no actual pain. I'm fairly new to lancing with still soft fingertips, and find the devices that come with all the meters I've tried to be quite painful. I LOVE this round green friend - I don't even flinch when I check my sugar. Between this and my Breeze meter, I don't have to handle tiny lancets and strips all day long. Can't recommend Renew enough. I will admit the first time I loaded the disk it took me a while to get it to seat properly, it was a little frustrating, but now I can load it quickly and smoothly.

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