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Last night, I was in the city with my co-workers for Ricky Gervais (guy from the original Office) and we left straight from work.  Gervais, though he played for only about an hour, was terribly crass and clever and peppered his jokes with British witticisms and some aptly placed f-words ... which means I laughed my ass off at every inappropriate bit.  (Granted, he's not as funny as Eddie Izzard, but there aren't many who are.)

Ricky Gervais in NYC

Before the show, the group of us stopped at a restaurant near the WaMu Center and grabbed a bite to eat.  I decided to go "off the carb wagon" and order up a cheeseburger.  Then my co-worker got a slice of red velvet cake which made me crave my wedding cake.  So I snaked a few forkfuls of that, too.

Needless to say, this meal took about seven units to cover it.

For me, there are plenty of foods that are worth garnering the "Whoa, you're eating that?" response.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting would be one of them.  Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory in Providence is another.  Oh, and fresh baked Italian bread dipped in extra-virgin olive oil with sea salt and garlic chips.  That may be the most bolus-worthy carb influx of all time.  And a few years ago, a chai tea latte was totally worth the insulin (but now I can't justify drinking calories - I'd rather actually eat them).  My bolus-worthy choices change with the tides, but there's always those few items that I'm willing to crank up my pump for.  Black raspberry ice cream from St. Claire's Annex.  A bowl of linguine with alfredo sauce.  Strawberry shortcake in the summer.  Yum, yum, yum.

Food is one of those things that walks a fine line in my life.  I'm usually very consistent with my dietary choices, sticking closer to green beans and chicken than pasta and meatballs.  But I'm not one to assign "good" and "bad" attributes to different foods.  That's always struck me as a tricky attitude.  An ice cream cone isn't "bad" - it's just meant for a certain time, place, insulin dose, and blood sugar level.  Denying myself some culinary treats doesn't help me maintain a healthy food-i-tude, but instead can make me want to go hide behind the dresser and eat a pint of ice cream in secret.  (And believe me, I binge-ate in secret as a teenager due to complicated emotions about food and diabetes.  Was not fun.)  I want to enjoy what I'm eating.  Having access to technology like an insulin pump, fast-acting insulin, and a CGM opens up eating options that weren't easily made part of the equation when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago.  While a lower-carbohydrate diet keeps my numbers steadiest, I can indulge in the occasional delicious treat without sacrificing blood sugar control.

Holy crap, that last sentence sounded like an advertisement.  How 'bout this:  Cake or death?  Um, cake please.  Side of insulin, thanks.

What are your bolus-worthy foods?  (And here's a short Ricky Gervais clip about Humpty Dumpty, which made me laugh so hard I cried.)


You are right, not many comedians are as funny as Izzard but Ricky seems like a close runner up.

I am a sucker for Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream. I will bolus until the cows come home for that!

Oh wow, reading your post made me want red velvet cake! My bolus-worthy food, #1, hands down is my moms black beans and rice with fried plantains. Now that I'm pregnant, I can expect to take over 11 units of insulin to cover that meal. Since I read that you and Chris were thinking of trying in the future, be prepared for those changes! I wasn't and now am having a hard time dealing with it.

I think that its healthy to indulge now and then. Have your cheeseburger, linguine, cake, ice cream, whatever. Your blood sugar may not be perfect afterwards, but you will have had the enjoyment of the dish and that is important too! Just don't make it a habit :)

Mmm...I'm all about the Oregon Chai! I could have that everyday! In fact, until I was diagnosed, I probably did! ha! Now it's a special treat for me to indulge in a good cup of chai!

P.S. I'm at work laughing out loud to Ricky Gervais! Thanks for sharing! :)

I'd take insulin for any kind of chocolate. Chocolate is my secret vice!!!

Any sort of combination of peanut butter and chocolate.
And cheese sticks in CA with George. :)

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, with real butter and brown sugar, still warm from the oven. They're about the only food I like that is utterly worth the giant bolus (because you know that you can't just eat ONE warm cookie...). They're just too good!

For good or ill, those of us T2s not on insulin don't have the luxury of "bolus-worthy" foods or "taking insulin to cover". Which doesn't mean I don't give in to gustatorial temptation way too often. Freshly-baked bread containing white flour is probably the biggest temptation there, whether it be the Italian bread you mentioned or freshly-baked challah with tons of egg yolks and honey, or flaky, too-high-in-sodium-to-even-sniff-the-air-of buttermilk biscuits, or freshly-baked croissants...

I'm with Sara on peanut butter and chocolate. I'm also a sucker for Sour Skittles (talk about a bolus!).

They have sugar free Oregon Chai now...you still bolus for the milk but it's not as sugary as before...

I don't have to worry about bolus-worthiness, only fatt-butt-worthiness... I'm fortunate. Fatt-butt-worthiness foods for me are always any sort of Mexican food and cake. I cannot pass up cake. It's my weakness.

Matthew refuses to go to Cheesecake Factory with me, so next time we're both in Providence you and I are hitting the Factory!

My bolus worthy food would have to be this amazing hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream that we get for dessert at a local restaurant when we go for dinner when my sister and brother are home =)
OhOh AND...there are these awesome little chocolate yogurts Cadbury's make, as a treat, of course ;)

I will happily take a big bolus for an occasional big fat pasta dinner and a slice of my Mom's carrot cake. Totally shot-worthy.

Another vote for peanut butter and chocolate. The peanut butter eggs at Easter are to die for. Also another rare treat is an ice cream sundae from Friendly's. Butter crunch ice cream with lots of peanut butter topping. Then there's the cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. That's a hard one since it's my husbands favorite place to eat.

Yes Cheese Sticks but only with Sara! ;)

I should have known you were a Ricky fan.

I've become addicted to his podcast and I can't get enough of Karl Pilkington. Here's some classic Karl.


Foe me it doesn't have anything to do with how often you eat what you desire. It's only about how well you bolus for it. I fine it very tricky to do it correctly when the carbs and sugar count is high. If I end up with a high or a low because the bolus was wrong, it just ain't worth it. If I come out of the desire with a 110 blood sugar, all is good.

I agree with Mark. In general, I make potlucks or parties (I don't go to parties often) bolus worthy.

molten chocolate cake, with REAL cream. Yumm..... homer drool
10 freakin units of Homer drool!

Karl Pilkington has a Quotes Application on Facebook. I laughed my ass off with his daily dose of wisdom and facts.

Here's a Karl Quote: "I didn't eat pasta until I was 25."

I don't know why I was rolling on the floor when that quote popped up one day.

Bolus Worthy:

1) Olive Garden's Lemon Cake (I blame my sister for this, it is her fav and once I had one taste, I knew why)

2) Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

3) OMG fresh baked goods, YUM!

Low Blood Sugar Worthy:
(with a side of insulin)

1) SHERBET!!!! LOVE that stuff!

2) Anything with chocolate in it

Great post Kerri and I am now craving red velvet cake. ;-)

"So my choices is ...or death?? Well, then I'll have the chicken, please."

Heeee. I lurve that man. Luuuuuuuurve him.

I'm with tmana, fresh baked bread is always worth an extra bolus. Maybe my worst vice is fresh challah made with eggs from our chickens and hot from the oven. Thankfully it's an effort to make or I'd be eating way too much of it.

Kerri, you do exactly what we do with Casey. Some foods have their time and place..
I think that Casey would go along with Bernard and those choosing homemade bread as bolus worthy. He loves bread and I also make killer scones. I guess it's an Irish thing??!!

I really enjoy bagels as my bolus-worthy treat. I know I shouldn't have the super jumbo ones from Brueggers Bagels but they are so yummy and satisfying!

Okay, this is weird...
An everything bagel toasted with melted chedder cheese and a hint of ketchup. Wow how red neck did that sound?

I'm always trying to tell people that I don't like to drink my carbs, I'd rather eat them, but it always leaves them looking confused! I guess you have to be diabetic to understand that! I have to say one of my favorite "bad" foods is frosted sugar cookies! Oh and since the last few posts reminded me of bagels, I can't pass up Panera's Cinnamon Crunch Bagel! It's so worth a few extra units!

Haha! I love that you said you'd rather eat your carbs than drink them. I've been saying that for awhile now. And it helps me to avoid milkshakes. Ice cream I can bolus for, milkshakes are disaster.

Few people outside of Colorado have this particular delicacy, but I would use a whole vial of insulin for Oregon Blackberry Frozen Custard from Good Times.

If we're not talking sweets, then I've got to go with spaghetti with homemade pasta-the really fat, gluten-y noodles. Yum.

Oh, there are so many foods that I'm willing to endure what amounts to a momentary high in the grand scheme of things. All of them are sweet. One thing I truly miss, though, is French toast with real maple syrup.

G would say these are bolus-worthy: Indian food, sushi, and tiramisu. (He's not a big dessert fan, but he'll always go for tiramisu.)

I'm a little late on my blog reading because I was away last week - so the things that come to my mind have been said already (Mexican food, Ben & Jerry's). One I always find bolus worthy and never have the willpower to pass up is the Green Tea ice cream from Sakura (on the Post Rd). So yummy!!!

I've been thinking about this.When I was 18 and first became diabetic I stopped drinking sugary stuff, switched to skim
everything, allowed myself treats and put on/lost weight.The hardest thing was food, everything seemed to have this high sugar content and I became so miserable I developed this weird eating disorder. Now the medical and science attitude towards diabetes has thankfully progressed and people are encouraged now to eat what they like, when they like and just measure their insulin for it.
When I went for a full blood test because I had only been eating low fat, low GI, no sugar diet, my neurocytes (sp) were very low - they fight your immunity, everything was very low, my blood pressure, my carb reading, everything. And then I thought - we should enjoy our lives, master this condition, use our insulin, enjoy our food, feel normal and not let this rule us. As a result I am on Lantus, I eat chocolate, I am in control and hardly have lows and more importantly I am happier, I still don't get me wrong make healthier choices over unhealthier food but I do enjoy a lot more sugary foods.
So eat what you like, enjoy your lives, just take a bit more insulin, don't deprive yourselves.

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