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Where's Waldo?

Holy crap - this made me laugh out loud.  Part of yesterday's post involved Nick naming my new insulin pump "Waldo," since it's always hiding and people are trying to find out where it's stashed.  I liked the name and thought it was pretty damn funny.

So this morning, I received an email from Michelle.  She attached this:

Where's Waldo?  Oh wait, he's right here.

Which made me almost lose it.  I had to share.  Where's Waldo?  Oh wait, he's right here.  Waldo the Insulin Pump.  I love it. 


That is hysterical! I love photoshop.

Glad it made you laugh. :)

I love it!

Sweet! Kudos Michelle with your Photoshop work!

For winning the "it-wasn't-even-a-naming-the-pump-contest" contest I should get either a box of IV prep or a dLife coffee mug. Except we all know what I am capable of screwing up with IV Prep and I don't drink coffee.

Thats cute. Congrats on the happy day!!

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