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The Honeymoon.

After all the whirlwind wedding events, Chris and I were long overdue for a nice vacation.  We spent our honeymoon at the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana.  We flew out on Monday morning (early - so early that we only spent a few hours in our fancy honeymoon suite in Providence the night before) and landed in the Dominican around two in the afternoon.  It was so, so awesome to be greeted at the front desk of the hotel, after hours of traveling and a hellish cab ride across the island, by a woman who said, "Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Sparling," and handed us a glass of champagne. 

Arriving at the Excellence resort, looking a bit scummed up.  But whatever.

The resort was just gorgeous.  We took hundreds of photos, with the white sand beaches and the thatch hut cottages as our backdrop.  We spent hours on the beach and in the pool, watching as a local hacked open a coconut with a machete, mixed up some crushed ice, rum, and assorted other goodies, and served us a Coco Loco to drink right out of the coconut shell.  And then there was a huge outdoor chess set, where my husband schooled me almost daily.

The outdoor chess set.  We loved this.

We ate at one of the fancy-pants restaurants every night.  We scrubbed off a day's worth of sand and sun and dressed ourselves up each day.  These dinners, my Faithful Readers, are where my diabetes bit the big one.  We had dessert with every meal.  And I don't even mean one dessert - there were multiple desserts with each seating.  My total daily dosage of insulin before the wedding was around 22 units per day.   On our honeymoon, my insulin needs bloated up to 40 ... 42 ... 45  units a day.  (That's an awful lot for me, as I usually eat low-carb and keep away from desserts.)  Thankfully, my blood sugars weren't crap the whole vacation.  They were actually pretty decent. 

Dressed up for dinner.

It was truly paradise.  They even had a different towel animal critter in the bathroom every morning - and you know how I feel about towel animals.

I love me some towel animals.

We had a romantic dinner on the beach, where we dined on French cuisine.  (This is also where little sand bugs dined on us until we slathered ourselves with bug spray, but that's a story for another post.) 

The view from our romantic dinner on the beach.

We relaxed.  It was so awesome, especially after such a huge event.  And it was definitely nice to disconnect from the "real world" for a few days.  No emails, no cell phones, and absolutely no internet access.  We didn't worry about blogs or media ventures or articles that were pending or any blasted deadlines.  Our focus was on each other - and that was it. We disconnected in order to reconnect.  And it was awesome.  Now I know why people do second honeymoons.

At romantic dinner.  Taken by romantic husband.  !!

(I'll add the rest of the honeymoon pictures to Flickr in the next few days.  I have plenty of Diabetes365 photos to upload!)


Wow. That looks like a beautiful place. Off to check your Flickr page. I love honeymoon pictures. TCBIM and I didn't have one, so I have to live vicariously thru others.

You both just look so incredibly happy! It all sounds and looks like a fairy tale.

My parents stayed at Excellence last year and LOVED it too! Glad you guys had such a nice time. And love that they tell you "Welcome Home" when you arrive! Did the staff give you and Chris any nicknames? My mom became "Super Mommy" while there...I think it was the Spanish instructor guy that gave her the name.

You honeymoon sounds amazing and your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

i am glad you and Chris and a wonderful start to married life together!!!

All the best for continued happiness together!
THANK YOU for posting pictures of the pump in the dress, I was dying to know how you did it.) I am the matron of honor in my sister's wedding this summer and we are having the dresses made by this fancy pants designer, when I talked to the lady about a pump pcket she informed me that the dresses will be too form fitting for that. Guess I will have to do the old standby pump in the bra trick!!! Nobody minds watching me as my boobs go BOOP BEEP BOOP, right?

That place looks heavenly! It's got to be near impossible to have a concern in a tropical paradise like that! Glad to hear it was a relaxing time.

I need to know. How do thay make the faces on the towel animals? Marker?

Wow, it seems you had the perfect wedding. Congratulations on the start of the rest of your life. The pictures are amazing, what a fabulous resort.
Not only are you a writer but also a photgrapher! You take some interesting pictures. ;)

OK, let me be the first to ask...when are we going to get some little Sparlings?

Great stories and great pics!

That looks amazing.. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and I never said congratulations.. so here-- a very belated congratulations on your wedding!

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