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Of Course It Is.

I had to make a call to the Public Relations folks at Disney World this morning to gain access to some of their editorial images. I dialed the number and absently checked my email as I waited for the House of the Mouse rep to pick up the phone.  After just two rings, a very cheery, very high-pitched voice answered.


She spoke in exclamation points.  Immediately I had the mental image of the bouquet of helium balloons floating above her desk, serving as some kind of snack.  

"Hi.  My name is Kerri and I'm an editor at dLife.  I'm calling about [insert work reference here]."

"Okay!! You just need the media username, password, and your own email address to get started!!"  Garage doors in Florida must have been going up in unison as she spoke.

"Great.  Can you share that username and password with me?"

"I can!!  The username is 'disney'!!"

"No kidding.  That's very clever.  And the password?"  I felt my voice dropping deeper and deeper in contrast to her pinging little twitter.  I could imagine her sitting there at the desk, a pair of Minnie Mouse ears anchored on her little head and her hands dancing along the keyboard, clad in white Mouse gloves.

"The password?  Why it's 'magic,' silly!!!!!"Silly!

Of course it is.



Am I the only one picturing Tinkerbell on the other end of the phone right now? That or Snow White. :D

Maybe it is because I have spend 21 years of my life within very short distances of the local Disney theme parks and have interacted with many 'cast members' - that's right folks, they aren't employees, they are all cast members.

"She spoke in exclamation points."


Sounds like you might have been speaking to GOOFY!

uhoh! you're in for a shock when ya meet me, cuz i not only type in exlamation points, i talk in 'em too! then again, you HAVE spoken to me, so i think you know this!



Hahaha!!! Funny and annoying.

I mean, seriously??!!!???

You go to Disney enough you get used to perky.

My immediate mental picture was Minnie Mouse as house PR rep - or rodent. ;P

I would be *so* fired in about 20 minutes...I can only sustain perky for so long. :) Maybe there's some kind of perky gene that I'm missing.....

LOL, and people accuse me of being too perky when I answer the phone at work.


But did she give you the carb count on a deep-fried-turkey-leg? I hear they have those at Disneyland. That'd be the reason I'd go. For turkey-leg-goodness.

I agree with badshoe..we go every year and now have immunity to perkiness! BTW, badshoe has a great column on Disney with D online. I also saw it in dlife this past week.

Well, that's PR for you - except when I do it ;)

That is AWESOME!!! Previously it was super-secret, but now thanks to your post the entire world will know the secret... Geez! I imagine they will have to start up their supercomputers again to come up with a darker username and password combo! :P

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