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Dexcom, Batman, and Gaseous Emissions.

The Friday Six:  June 20, 2008 editionWelcome to this week's edition of The Friday Six - your source for diabetes information, random websites worth checking out, and the occasional fascinating game about farts.  (Because farts are perpetually funny, despite my best intentions to grow up and act like the adult I'm supposed to be.)  Consider it "brought."

Uno.Now that my insurance appeal letter has been sent, I'm in the 30-day waiting game that Oxford Health plays.  I'm hoping that I don't need to go through a second appeal process, but I'm assuming that will be the case.  So while I wait for a response from my insurance company, I'm compiling data.  I've officially switched over to the OneTouch UltraLink, so now every time I test, I hear the subsequent "beeeep" of my pump receiving and logging the result.  When I upload my data this weekend, I'll be able to see what my numbers were and how my boluses correlated.  I'm also pulling records from when the paramedics were called in 2003 for a hypoglycemic episode and my last string of A1C results.  When the insurance company comes back with a "no," I'll have an arsenal of information to offer up.

2.  Also, the diabetes community is indeed a tight one - this was proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt this week.  While I was away on my honeymoon, the dLife CEO met with a Dexcom representative in our area.  While they were talking, it came out that I worked for dLife.  Turns out that the Dexcom rep was someone from my diabetes past.  This representative is the woman who used to baby-sit me when I was young, when my parents went away on vacation.  Her son is a type 1 diabetic and she was the person who guided me and my parents through those first tenuous years after diagnosis.  Now, she's my Dexcom rep, and she's coming to hang out with me next week to discuss the finer points of Dexcom'ing.  Small world, eh?

3.  In decidedly non-diabetes news, I came across a link yesterday that really brought out the grown-up in me.  It's a very serious online game that deals with such mature topics as gaseous emissions and space exploration.  In fact, PuzzleFarter was one of the most serious links I've ever sent around my office.  No, it did not make me giggle like a five year old, silly.  (Hat tip to my brother, who continues to find the oddest damn things on the internet.) 

4.  Another link I've come across in the last few days has been the one where people are recreating their childhood photos.  Have you seen this?  The pictures are part of a site called ColorWars 2008 and the pictures are the "YoungMe:NowMe."  I love this one.  It makes me happy.  And this one just plain makes me laugh.

5.  Tonight we'll be trekking back to RI to hang out with friends and family, and to celebrate Batman's birthday!!  My superhero friend is ringing in her big day tomorrow and this is the first time in seven years I haven't been able to buy her the new Harry Potter book for her birthday.  Strange rite of passage.  But if you are feeling like wishing a happy birthday to the Batman friend, feel free to leave her some love in the comments section.  :)

Six!And lastly, this one last website almost caused me to end up on the floor in shock.  Prior to today, I wasn't aware that cat sharks existed.  Now I know.  And knowing is terrifying. 

Have a good weekend, Blogosphere!  :D  See you on Monday.


Omg! Scary CatShark! :O Haha.

Still loving the game! STILL can't get past level 14 dammit =P

Have A Great Weekend! Happy birthay Batman!

Kate told me about the game.. I think I laughed my way from a 385 to a 122. xD

Have a good weekend!

Ooohhhh, that game is too much fun. (Just what I needed - another time waster - LOL) Have you seen Flight of the Hamster? http://www.digyourowngrave.com/flight-of-the-hamsters/
Maybe not as funny as fart noises, but I love when the hamsters crash and cheer.

Birthday love to your pal Batman!

Catshark is just freaky!!

Holy Birthdays Batman! I mean Happy! ;)

My cousin and I just recreated a childhood photo this past weekend. I will have to get it uploaded. It is great - I am five weeks older so as babies I look much bigger but now he is 8-12 inches taller!

Hello--Curious to know why you are trying to get a Dexcom when you have a Minimed? I have have been using the Medtronic CGMS with my 522 and it works beautifully. In fact I have had my current sensor in for over 2 weeks now and it is working great. The other advantage is that it is one less device to carry around.
Since you were denied the first time with Dexcom you may want to call Medtronic maybe they have more pull and can get your insurance company to see it their way!!!

Good Luck,


OK, so I played the game. My one question to you is, do they make you do any actual work over at dLife? Can I get an application?

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