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Cannot Deal.

It's been very busy at work this week and projects at home have been even busier.  (Try bringing piles of wedding gifts into an already packed apartment.  We're blessed to have such generous friends, lucky to have had such a nice wedding, and currently weeding through our belongings and tossing the old to make way for the new.) 

Thank goodness all three cats have simultaneously gone berserk in the last few days.  

Prussia has taken to jumping from windowsill to windowsill, trilling her little brains out until one of us claps our hands to quiet her.  She also has been making out with my shoes on a regular basis, which is making me slightly uncomfortable. 

Abby went from being fat and docile to fast-pawed and overzealous.  More often than not, I see her waddling at a precarious speed towards the other cats, trying to use her lightning-fast double paws to cuff them in the head and incite a riot.  She then attempts to hide under the couch, but realizes that she's about three hundred meals past not fitting.  (Poor Abby.) 

And then there's my arch nemesis:  Siah Sausage.  This annoying little biscuit has been clawing at the bedroom door every night, wailing to be let in.  She has successfully eaten half of the carpet outside of door and once I open the door for her in the morning, she proceeds to stalk me while I'm getting ready each morning.  Yesterday she ran off with one of my earrings.  Today she managed to snuggle up to the black sweater before I had a chance to put it on, leaving a furry little Siah-shaped furball on the front.  

"Sausage, I'm trying to get things done around here.  Please stop tipping over the laundry basket."  "Please do not jump up on the counter and trot off with half of my sandwich."  "Please refrain from sticking your cold kitty nose in my ear while I'm sitting, unsuspecting, on the couch."

Her response?

She's meeting Mick for sushi today.

She does not take me seriously. I do not know what to do with her.


LOL! "making out with my shoes"

Kinda Scary ;)

You probably won't believe this, but your post made me miss my kitty so badly. Kitty high jinx and all!!


K - At least Siah leaves you alone to shower. My cat's newest thing is getting INTO the shower. That's right. INTO. She sits, watching me from a perch just past the reach of the water, but still inside of the shower curtain. Sometimes meowing away as if I should be required to talk with her while I get clean. Cats are strange. To be sure. But I think cats that live with strange owners are stranger... Take that to mean whatever you'd like about the level of your weirdness... Or mine...

:) - N

Siah, my tuna girl...is she a Celtics fan?

The "make out" thing HAS to end up on You Tube! LOL

i met this kitty outside my boyfriend's apartment... and no, it's face was NOT photoshopped. maybe he could scare sausage into behaving:


How old is Siah Kerri?

And I TOTALLY agree with Nicolep, totally, whole-heartedly.

My cat turned 15 this year and some things have not changed and some things have gotten stranger. I moved him four times and each time he "bellowed" for days and nights until he got his scent everywhere & became familiar with his new surroundings.

As far as the door, rough one. I think the water/spray is the only solution. If ANY door is closed (ok, I have two, for the bedroom and bathroom, ha ha) guarantee my old man is not going to have it. He will bellow and scratch until it is open.

I am blessed that he does not paw, lick, sniff or anything weird near my head or face while sleeping or trying to. He jumps up, expects a nice rub then I ask him to lie down (sometimes I have to tell him) and he simply does. Either way, soon enough he gets too warm and either ends up at the end of the bed or on the floor. And that is it. If he is really hungry (thinks he is starving because the dry food no longer covers the bottom of the bowl) then he finds something to chew on near my head to wake me up. Sneaky bugger but smart, otherwise I would pummel his arse and he knows it, ha ha.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Cats, can't live with them...can't live without 'em.

(and I promise I'll get the pics of Kari "making out" with shoes up on flickr by weekend's end.)

Give her more attention and love we all need that from time to time : )

I thought we were the only ones who had cats like that. It is just the changes you are making, cats just don't like things to change. What ever you do don't try moving the furniture around that drives them mad!!!

Why does everyone keep picking on me? I am just a delicate flower who sometimes needs to exert my will on those people who give me food. Please, more fresh fish and sausage. Now, I have to take a nap and get Prussia away from that sneaker. Siah.

Hahah! The cats are sooooo cute, I have 4 of my own. One of mine loves shoes as well. I looked it up once, apparently it's because leather shoes are treated with some sort of fish oil. :)

I love the photo of your cat. I have one that looks JUST LIKE HIM. And behaves a lot like him too!

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