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Believe It, Or Not!

A few weekends ago, Chris and I found ourselves wandering through NYC.  Actually, we went to the city with intentions of being all educated and high-brow, venturing into The Met for an afternoon of "Oh, how educational!" and "Wow, my brain synapses are firing like maGarbage cans are art, right?d.  Aren't yours?"  If we were to drink tea, it would be with an extended pinky finger, for certain.

The planetarium was beautiful.  Because I was feeling so damn brilliant, I didn't want to miss any of the exhibits.  As we walked around the Hayden Planetarium, I motioned for Chris to climb the stairs towards another small display.

"Chris, come over here.  There's one more." 

"Kerri, there's nothing over there."

"There is.  Over here."  I walked confidently towards a black silo-shaped exhibit with hole cut out in the top.  Would it be a video of how the planets were formed?  Maybe something about black holes?  Oooh, what if it was about asteroids?  I looked inside as Chris followed behind me and saw ...


It was a garbage can. 

"Kerri, that's a garbage can."  Chris was starting to smirk.

"I know.  I knew it was a garbage can."  I tightened my grip on my purse and started walking towards the stairs.  He followed, on the verge of laughing.

"You didn't know it was a garbage can, did you."  

I turned to face him.  We were in NYC, enjoying a great museum, all smarty pants.  

"Dude, I had no clue."

We laughed until we cried.  I was laughing so hard that a security guard looked at me and playfully said, "No laughing in the museum."   My gasped response:  "A garbage can ... I thought ... art!"

Recognizing the fact that we are just two ridiculous people, we left The Met and found ourselves at the Ripley's Museum (right next to Madame Toussaud's).  This was way more my speed.  We spent the rest of the afternoon oogling the oddities, including an iron maiden, a sculpture carved from camel bone, and a moment with the tallest guy in the world.

Mr. Robert Wadlow and Mrs. Kerri Sparling

At least considering the garbage can to be an exhibit here isn't much of a stretch.  ;) 


LOL. That's great! I would have done the same thing! I wonder if it's the diabetes that made us warped minds, or if we were just born this way...

ha ha!!!
So funny Kerri. Laughter is good, even when you are at The Met. ;-)

Too funny! I think we've all had our smarty-pants moments like that!

Thanks for sharing Kerri, you brought a much needed laugh and smile to my day.

Imagine the tubing he'd need for his pump.

LOL Too funny!

In the Pop Culture that garbage can might very well be considered "art".

BTW - Thanks for your kind comment & I love your blog. Brensdad directed me here.


Kerri, I once saw a man sitting on a guardrail while having his thumb out waiting to hitchhike. I looked at my mom as we drove by and said, "That's so dumb! If I were trying to flag down a ride I'd at least be walking at the same time!"

Well, we pass the guy. He had no legs.

Open mouth, insert foot!

And I can't even blame that on my blood sugars. That was years before my diagnosis.

Eye roll!

*snort* Too funny.

If you'd been at MoMA, it would definitely have been art.

bwahahahahaha I love this story...sounds like something I would do =)


Thanks for sharing your human-ness with us all so openly. I love this!

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