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Don't worry - it's sugar-free.I had no clue it would end up meaning so much to me, this blogging thing.  I started SUM three years ago today, borne out of the frustration that I couldn't find anyone LIVING with this disease, but kept stumbling upon stories of death and complications without effort.  I wanted to find other people who were working jobs, driving cars, having children, trying to find a good vacuum cleaner, falling in love, drinking coffee - and YES, testing their blood sugar, taking insulin, and managing their diabetes all the while! 

I couldn't find much of this online, so I did my part to help create it.  But it's never been completely about diabetes.  It can't be - that's not my entire existence!  For the last three years, I've written about miserable high blood sugars, unnerving lows, experiences with my insulin pump, and my feelings about life with diabetes.  But I've also had the incredible opportunity to share my life with you guys ... writing about my friends, my family, my relationship with Chris (wedding ...two weeks from today holy crap), my foolish cats, and my even more foolish sense of humor. 

There's something highly therapeutic about blogging.  It helps me manage the emotional side of diabetes, the one that doctors and text books don't mention but you and I know exists.   

Thanks to all of you who have been with me from the beginning, and to those who may have just Googled "squirrels are in my pillow" and landed here.  Being a part of this community has improved my health, and enhanced my life.  So thanks to you guys, so much, for everything!


happy blogaversary!

Especially Thank You Kerri.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being here for us.

Off topic but, I did my JDRF walk in DC today and I saw a lot of "Bailey's Buddies". I remembered that you walked with them last year, so it made me think of you!

Happy blogaversary!

Wow! You blog anniversary and wedding anniversary are going to be close!
No excuse in forgetting either!! :D

Happy Blogaversary! And thanks for getting a blog out there that helps us diabetics know we're not alone.

And I'll be praying that your wedding goes well! I bet it will be awesome! Congrats!

Hmm... did you carb count that cupcake?

Happy Happy Day!

Thank you Kerri for being here for us!! (I thought you might be signing off and I started to freak out)

Congratulations! And we're still watching... :)

Congratulations for three amazing years. We're all better off because of the information and thinking that you've shared with us.

I'm counting down with others to the wedding day. Will you be live blogging during the ceremony? ;-)

No Kerri. THANK YOU !!!!!!

Congrats on 3 years, Kerri!
Yours was the first blog I found when I was desperately looking for signs of real diabetes life. Thanks so much for what you do every day.

Congratulations! I appreciate all your effort and looking forward to reading your blog everyday!

Thank you for jumping in with both feet and sharing so much of yourself with all of us. The blogosphere simply would not be the same had you not done so!

Happy Blogaversary! Good luck with the wedding, I hope it goes well and congratulations!

I've said this before, but it's worth repeating. Sometimes, you're able to put words to something in me that I can't quite voice yet; your words help explain me... Thanks for sharing your life with us! And someday, maybe, I'll start blogging too.

Thanks to you Kerri for introducing me to the blogging community. You mean so much to so many people.
And remember to breath in these days leading up to your wedding. I was in my best friend's wedding this weekend and I think we both were glad it was over. :)

Congrats on 3 years! Best of luck on your other special day!


Congrats Kerri!

Glad I found you....

Congrats, Kerri! Somehow I found your site a year ago and it has changed my life. I now blog and have amazing OC friends and am on a pump and inspired and very, very happy!

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