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Quite A Welcome Home.

A few months ago, we circulated a blog post around my office about office pranks.  There were some great ones, like covering someone's cube in post-it notes, wrapping all office supplies in tin foil, and the best one - filling someone's office space with balloons.  Funny, right?  Oh the fun of the internet.

Months passed.  And then I went away for my wedding.  The fine folks of dLife were spared of my silly jokes and incessant babbling for a full two weeks while I was off gettin' hitched and whatnot.  Then I returned to the office yesterday, complete with my new wedding ring and working off about four hours of sleep.

I walked in ... to this:

Holy cubicle balloons!

I couldn't believe it.  They actually pulled off the balloon prank!  I was very impressed.  And also very surprised:

Surprised Kerri.

They even incorporated the damn frog in on the fun:

The dLife Frog Prince 

Well played, dLife.  Well played, indeed.


Well played, indeed...They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time...(or substitute any other hillarious Anchorman quote).

We usually reserve that prank around our offices for birthdays - but sounds good for weddings too!

Love it!


Hey, at least you know they though about you while you were gone. :D
I love it! I may have to try that one here. LOL

Ha! That's great!

Oh my gosh - how fun!! Reminds me of an office prank we pulled on my big boss at my last job involving a huge blow-up shark sitting behind his desk. (I'll spare you all the details - but it was our best prank ever!!)


Strong Work!

Fantastic! I've pulled that off once. Seeing your face must have been the best reward for your co-workers! Welcome home!

lol what a great thing to return to! Welcome back Mrs Sparkling (that's so cute).

Hey! Be thankful they didn't do this... :)

Welcome back, seƱora!

One thing I forgot to mention - You looked amazingly radiant on your wedding day, Kerri. You truly did. When you said to us, "This is the best day ever, right?" I could do nothing but agree wholeheartedly. You were both gorgeous and it was an honor to be there with you. Thank you for your friendship and your sheer presence. It was a sight to behold and we're grateful!


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