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Off Gettin' Married.

Dear Blogosphere,Wedding weekend!!

I'm off to get MARRIED!  I am very EXCITED!  (All of these all caps moments keep SNEAKING IN and ruining my attempts at this blog post.)

I'm signing off for the next next two weeks - with all of the chaos and festivities that are planned for the next three days, blogging is a pipe dream.  But I am so thankful for everyone's support and kind gestures.  You guys are a wonderful crew to be a part of, and I'm lucky as hell to have you.  I tried to send out thank you notes before I left, but if you haven't received a thank you yet, I SWEAR (holy all caps again) that it's coming in the next few weeks.

But for now, it's time to cut ties with the internet for a while and enjoy the biggest weekend of my life. 

On Sunday afternoon, I will walk down the aisle and say "I do" to my best friend.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend, or the rest of my life, right? 

See you in two weeks! 




Here's to many many years of happiness and love! Enjoy it all! We'll miss you, and we do expect a full photo essay upon your return.

I am so happy for you two and everyone you two come in contact with. You are both such amazing people, for you to come together as one is like an uber human full of awesomeness!!!

Congrats!!! Give my best to Chris!

I'm putting in my last comment for a while :( But it's for a happy reason that you won't be around. It's finally here. I can't believe it.

Tell Chris I said congrats ahead of time and have a wonderful RELAXING honeymoon after having a kickass wedding!

Best wishes for the wedding of you guys dreams + a lifetime of happiness together.:)

Congratulations! I hope you both have a fantastic day on Sunday, and may it be just the start of many happy years together.

Enjoy your honeymoon too!

yay kerri and chris!!!!
congrats. have a wonderful honeymoon/wedding!!!


Best Wishes to you both.

Congrats Kerri and Chris!

May the days ahead be full of love, joy, smiles and laughter. To the rest of your lives, I only wish you the best joy that life can bring.


Have a great wedding! That is an awesome way to spend the rest of your life!!!


I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Congratulations Kerri and Chris!

I keep wanting to yell, "Have fun storming the castle!"

I hope your wedding day is wonderful and everything you have dreamed.

Congratulations once again, chica. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a relaxing honeymoon after all the stress you've been through the past few weeks with last-minute planning and getting sick. Hope you are feeling better.

Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it when you returned to the blogosphere.



Congrats Kerri! What a wonderful and exciting time for you! Best wishes for a beautiful wedding day....and many years ahead filled with love and happiness!!!!

Mazel tov.

May all your days be filled with joy. May your nights be filled with passion.

I wish you all the joy and love that my husband and I still have in our marriage--after 12 years!

My only advice is not to follow anyone's advice--listen to your heart, and your husband in that order.


Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Congrats, good luck and can't wait to see a pic!

Best wishes for a perfect, beautiful, memorable, happy day. Looking forward to seeing a picture!

Best Wishes!

Congrats to you both!
: )


Happiness: Yer doin in rite


CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the both of you!

(Caps fever)

Best of the days are those to come.

Kerri and Chris,
Have a wonderful wedding day, and honeymoon! Congratulations and best wishes to you both!!

Congrats to you both and many wishes for endless years of happiness.

All my best to you both. Have a wonderful Sunday, a wonderful honeymoon, and a wonderful Happily Ever After. :)

congrats! don't forget to take way too many pictures for your blogging splurge when you return.

Congrats to both of you--have a WONDERFUL wedding and honeymoon!!

Congrats, Remember to take a breath, and also during the reception sit back for a couple of minutes to look around and take it all in. Because it goes really quickly. Have fun and have a great honeymoon!


Enjoy yourselves!


I am so relieved to hear you're taking time away from the computer. Amen!

Enjoy your wedding and all the joy and excitement surrounding it. We'll all be here with bated breath waiting for the stories told in that way only Kerri Sparling can tell 'em! :)

Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness AND health together!!!

We certainly will miss you while you are away but as other's have said we expect a FULL PHOTO ESSAY when you return.

I too will be waiting for that photo essay! So looking forward to hearing about it :) It's already your wedding day here in NZ as I write this... and I'm thinking about you, sending calming vibes and wishing all the best for the big day - and of course, for the rest of your lives together!

You two seem like a fantastic couple :) Congrats!

Thinking of you this weekend! I wish you and Chris all the best.

Enjoy your big day and your honeymoon - I'll crack open a bottle of wine tonight and "cheers" you and Chris :D

I'll miss you in the next few weeks and can't wait to see pics and hear how it all turned out - you'll be a beautiful bride Kerri!

Take care and enjoy every single minute of it :)

May your wedding be perfect, and have a wonderful honeymoon!
Best wishes to you both.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Have a fantastic wedding and honeymoon!

Warmest Congrats!

What a beautiful new beginning!

Congratulations!!! I wish you two the most wonderful life together. I can't imagine 2 better people to pair up for perfection!

And now you are happily married! Congratulations and best wishes! I know you won't be blogging... but can you put down the camera for 2 weeks? :) Have a wonderful honeymoon!

Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and an even more wonderful life together from here on out!

Congratulation, Kerri and Chris! I was thinking about you on Sunday. Blessings,
Sarah : )

HAPPY WEDDING!!! I'm super excited for you. I hope it was everything you dreamed of.

Congratulations Kerri and Chris! I can't wait to hear all about the big day and the honeymoon :)

Best wishes - hope all goes (or went) well with the ceremony and big events!

Have a second piece of cake - you deserve it...

Congratulations, Kerri! (: Hope you had fun on your honeymoon. Popped by to let you know that I spied your invisible Macy's Parade picture of Siah and Abby on I can has Cheezburger! YAY!

not only are you married now, but your kitteh is on icanhazcheeseburger! double congrats!!

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