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Invisible Macy's Parade.

With the wedding just around the damn corner and our brains turning to oatmeal with every day that passes, silliness is reigning supreme in the Morrone - Sparling household. 

I present ...

Exhibit A:  Invisible Macy's Parade.

LOL Sausage

This is what happens when two highly-motivated, busy, and slightly stressed people are left alone on a Saturday morning with Siah and a camera.  This picture made me laugh so hard that I couldn't catch my breath.  Something about Abby sitting there, staring up from the background and looking so small as Massive Siah leapt from the chair and assaulted the foreground.

But ... she looked like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.  So, never to be outdone, we photoshopped the hell out of it. 

Exhibit B:  Visible Macy's Parade 

Visible Macy's Parade, of course.

Twelve days until the wedding.  And all I can do it collapse into giggles half the time.  Hopefully I find time between now and May 18th to grow up a little bit.   


LMFAO.... That had me aLOL.

Don't "grow up", Kerri. We all need to retain that little bit of little kid inside us, both to relate to the younger generations and to keep us from growing too old to imagine, to think, to create, and maybe to resolve Life's Big Questions.

Grow Up? What's that? Don't do it, resist the dark side. It's the little kid in us that keeps us alive ;)

This must go onto the LOL Diabetes blog. It's hilarious!

miss kerri, you need to send that into that LOLCHEEZEburger site!

i swear you have one whacked out cat!

I hope you sent this to http://icanhascheezburger.com/ giggling sooooooooooo much. My kitty looks JUST like Siah

i about fell off my chair when i saw that....cats will be cats....cant wait for the big day.....only a few days left....are you getting nervous lol..jk love ya

Hey Babe, don't ya ever change!! After 22 years of marriage, I can tell you that you'll need a great "sense of humor", especially down the road when you have kids!!!

Best of Luck in the upcoming weeks!

exhibit A made me guffaw loudly, but exhibit B sent tears of laughter rolling down my face!
I'm glad you finally had a Saturday to play! Oh, and being grown up is highly overrated. ;)

This could not have started my day any better!!! Although, I should take care in laughing quite so loud... you should see some of the looks I got by my co-workers!

That is TOO funny!!! That is exactly the type of thing you should be doing when the stress gets to be too much!! Heck, like everyone said, don't ever grow up. We "warped humor" people can cope so much better. :)

that is hysterical. 12 days holy cow! it flew. as a newlywed i can honestly say i am at my happiest right now, i cant stop smiling and giggling and doing stupid stuff. you wont grow up and you shouldnt lol


Best wishes to you, and congratulations to Chris on your wedding. He sounds like a winner. I'm sure all will go off without a hitch!

Hope I wasn't too blunt in yesterday's post.


Wasn't that a Tom and Jerry skit once? Tom pretends to be a float to get Jerry? or maybe I'm thinking of the Coyote and roadrunner?

In any case, in the words of my pal JimmyBuffett - "if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane". Remember that with 12 days to go!

That's good stuff right there. :-)

that is too much! I thought the FIRST one was photoshopped b/c it was too much! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

Growing up completely is totally overrated and not good for your health.

Heh. That's some funny stuff.

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