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Apparently, the Dexcom sensor has improved to the point where it can be worn for seven days and is now waterproof.  So YAY for being able to use one sensor for more than three days and YAY for not needing to use those insanely painful shower patches when bathing.

I have found one drawback to the Dexcom so far, though.  

Another Dexcom site starting to peel away.  Damnit.
 Day Four:  The Unsticky.

It's coming undone.  Over the course of a normal day, I shower once in the morning before work and once after my hour at the gym.  Is it my shower that causing this thing to come loose?  Is it my workout routine?  Is it my clothes?  Am I tugging on it at night without meaning to?

Whatever the case, I'm fearful that this sensor will also come loose before the seven day mark.  Last time, I taped it down with medical tape and made quick use of a bandaid at work, but there has to be a better way.  I'm prepping the site with sticky IV prep before insertion and I'm doing my best to install the sensor in a section of my abdomen that doesn't contact the waistband of my pants, yet it's still starting to peel away.

What do you guys do to keep your sensors stuck?  How about a pump site that comes loose? I'm thinking about installing the next sensor on my hip or thigh to see if that helps keep things more securely attached.

In any event, I can't be bothered too much.  It doesn't hurt and it's giving me solid numbers.  All I need now is some super glue


That link is unbelieveable!

That poor guy - but the picture they included of him is just priceless!

Sorry I can't be of more help, when I trialed the DexCom I had no sticking problems. Would IV3000 over the top of it help?

Have you tried Mastisol? You can get it in a liquid form (like nailpolish) and use it to stick the edges down.

Otherwise just cover the whole thing with Tegaderm or IV3000 or Opsite.

Medical tape and bandaids aren't tough enough for the job!

When I was pumping, I found that IV Prep was not sufficient, so I used Skin-Tac "H" adhesive, and it prolonged my sites far better. Maybe it will work with Dexcom sensors, too?!

Try new skin. This is the stuff like super glue for closing cuts. You may have to do after each shower.

Weirdly enough, mine only started peeling at the edges in my second week of using it. Perhaps I take far fewer showers than I realize? Guess I'm a dirty diabetic. :P

I use Opsite too

its clear,adheres well(better then tegaderm/IV3000)

otherwise, the sensor is soon toast..falls right out.

I've never used Matisol but I've heard great things about it.

My pump trainer told me not to use IV prep on my sensor site due to the fact that its sticky because they put sugar in it. This was with the Minimed CGMS, and may not even be true, but I thought you'd still like to know. She said IV prep makes the sensor less accurate.

I'm an intense "sweater", and I used to lose stickiness on pump sites & sensors very easily. But now I use SkinTac. I use it before insertion of a pump site. With sensors, I use MiniMed's CGM, so I can't use anything sticky to prep the site. But after the sensor is in, I use SkinTac around the site, and I cover the whole thing with Tagaderm HP dressing. That seems to do the trick!

I second the Mastisol. I too am a 2 showers a day girl, and I use it to keep pump sites down. You can't use it like Skin Prep, swabbing it on underneath before you insert, because it's a strong adhesive and I was told (by my pump trainer) that the needle shouldn't be going through it, thus introducing some of it into your bloodstream. So I just use it when the edges start peeling up (like your photo). FYI, you also need to get the special adhesive remover, Detachol, or you might remove some skin along with the sensor when you're done. I'm sure Medtronic (if you tell them it's for a pump site) or DexCom will send you samples to try.

I had the same problem, except mine started peeling after the first day. Now I'm using Mastisol and that thing doesn't even think about moving.

IV3000 are awesome! See if your endo can give you some cause they're kinda expensive. I got a sensor to last for 15 days using these. =)

I used two IV3000 cut into a U shape and fit them around the sensor, like a frame, so it had a good amount of tape keeping it down. Otherwise, it was off within a few hours. The only drawback to doing this was that it hurt like crazy trying to get it off later, but they held on when I needed them to!

I use opsite flexifix tape. I cut a hole and put it around the 7 sensor. I had my first sensor last 20 days in my arm. 2nd sensor only lasted 7. On 3rd one now. You can get the tape at Amazon. Get the 4 inch wide stuff. A roll is expensive but will last forever.


Early on we had this problem with Joseph's pump sites.

To address this, we started wiping with IV Prep, putting on IV 3000, and then inserting right through the IV 3000.

This way the set is actually attached to IV 3000 tape instead of Joseph's (sometimes sweaty) skin.

Works like a charm.

Like Scott, I used Skin-Tac H when I was swimming regularly, and it kept my pump site on like a charm.

Okay, since I'm still very new to insertion sets, I don't have any advice . . . but I was so interested to read the responses in case I need help in the future. I was actually very surprised at how hard I had to tug to get that sucker out when I did my first insertion set change!!

You know what? Almost every time I Google for some diabetes / pump info, most of the time to first listing is one of your posts. :)

For my 9 year old daughter we use opsite with her navigator site, and in the summer (lots of swimming) we also use Mastisol - that stuff is like cement.

For her pump site, we first use the IV prep, insert her cannula, and follow that with the IV3000. We cut a small hole in it and put it over her infusion site before connecting the tubing. This combo isn't as heavy duty as the Mastisol/Opsite combo, but the pump site is smaller and lighter.

Love Love Love your blog!

After over a year of constant use I have found that different sites will adhere better, you'll find them as you use sensors. For me stomach sites didn't hold well but "love handle" area and upper thigh were rock solid. The edges still come up after about five days of workouts/showers but have not totally come off.

For my 4 year old's pump sites (he likes to soak in the shower and tub) we did NOT have luck with the IV300. We have great luck with Skintac for normal days and if he is going swimming, Mastisol - but that is a little harder to remove. Tegaderm worked OK for us if we wanted to cover it or re-stick the edges. For him the removal is almost worse than the site change! Best of luck!

Like many of the others, my trainer said not to use the IV prep with the cgm. I use the IV300 but wait until the tape just begins to come lose, which is usually around day 6 or so. I have to replace it about every 2 days, but just put it right over the old one instead of trying to remove it. I usually get about 14 days out of each sensor.

i have found that the dreaded Dexcom shower patch works best for me...and know some MM CGM users that use it to secure the floppy transmitter. I never have an issue with peeling. I use one shower cover for as long as it will stick...usually 7-8 days...unless i get in a hot tub/spa.

I am convinced that the tape peels due to hot water. for the extra sweaty this may not work

(my opinion based on pump site, rather than cgms site--may differ for cgms sites)

another vote for skin-tac here. i use it on my son's pump sites--man, does that keep the sets on! (although the other comments look like it may work better going around the edges of the dexcom site, instead of under it.)

when he's swimming, i swab on enough skin-tac for his site and for an iv-3000 to cover it. i cut a triangle in the iv-3000 and then put it over the set. works like a charm. otherwise, the iv-3000 peels off in about two days if it gets wet.

and get a box of tac-away wipes to help take the set off.

IV tape works wonders for me if a site is falling out.

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