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SEO: Get a Pancreas!

Get a pancreas, will ya?After checking my statcounter today, I saw too many search terms leading readers here that made me laugh out loud - I had to share.  Here are today's search terms that made my brain melt:

"finger tips hurt when urinating"
(What the heck?)
"insulin pizza party time"
"I believe in love and rockets" 
(I agree.  I love 'Love and Rockets.')
"squirrels are in my pillow"  
(This is an issue that should be addressed promptly, no?)
"diabetes don't want to prick" 
(Too much of an open door with this one.  Let your mind have it's way with it.)
"needles hurt and make me want sausage" 
(A Siah Sausage?)
"do not have a big wedding" 
(Too late.)

And my personal favorite:

"Get a pancreas!"

Damn straight.  :)


i love these entries!

"Get a pancreas" . . . I love it. It's always such fun to see what searches your blog comes up on, huh? My current oddest one is "scarborough fair rent costumes" - have no idea how I came up on that one. My most popular one is from a post I wrote almost two years ago about that old commercial where you could learn to speak Spanish by spelling ordinary words - S O C K S. I get tons of traffic from people searching "eso si que es". LOL

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