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Self-Made (Wo)Man.

Over the weekend, Chris and I visited the Stamford Museum and Nature Center (and thank God for our GPS - without it, we would be lost and eating tree bark in New Hampshire, I'm sure).  The grounds of the museum were so pretty that we snapped a ton of pictures (more on my Flickr acccount), but one of the best things we saw was the LEGO exhibit in the main building.  According to the site, "New York-based 'brick artist' Nathan Sawaya has elevated LEGO® construction to an art form. Besides recreating objects and buildings - which he does, brilliantly - Sawaya uses the LEGO® brick as other artist's use canvas, stone, or clay: to express himself and to challenge viewers to interpret his creations."

The art this fella created, using the building blocks from my childhood, was amazing.  He created a whole minature city, complete with working trains.  He made an enormous T-Rex that touched the ceiling.  And his portraits of people were amazing.

Diabetes breaks us down, but we rebuild.

This piece touched me, in particular.  I was very taken with the idea of a literally self-made man, piecing himself together, brick by brick.  It made me think of how we are constantly battling a condition that does its best to break us down, leaving our bodies needing to be reconstructed. 

Diabetes breaks us down, and we do our best to build back up.  While I don't like diabetes, I do like the idea that nothing can truly break me down.  I'm always ready to try again, ready to rebuild.  Never, ever giving up.


It's funny you should mention eating tree bark in NH. If you had made your way up here (to see me of course) you still would've managed to see a Lego exhibit featuring the Millyards of Manchester.


I just read that last part to Noah...he said that blue Lego guy must have gone low, and each brick is like sugar he needs to get his numbers up!

Some years ago, back when the Manhattan Mall in NYC was still A&S Plaza, there was an exhibit of Washington, DC landmarks done in Lego (I have some very old photos of it somewhere)... My friends and I had found out about it by accident, taking a lunch break from the STAR TREK convention we were attending. A year or two previous to that, The Smithsonian ran a feature article about a Legoland outdoor museum in Finland, with lifesize/lifelike animals and such done in Lego.

The original art there is so much more interesting...

FYI: The pink flowers you photographed (e.g., http://flickr.com/photos/sixuntilme/2430294662/in/set-72157604651656719/ ) are magnolia blossoms. The yellow flowers are forsythia. The yellow forsythia are one of the first flowering shrubs/bushes of spring; the magnolia is unusual in that it blooms before its leaves sprout. The waxy, pointed green leaves of the magnolia first sprout about 2-3 weeks after the blossoms have all died. Cherry trees blossom around mid to late May in these parts (I'm in New Jersey); the flowers are compound pink flowers whose petals are approximately 3/4" long and round. I thought I had some photos of cherry blossoms somewhere, but all I can find in my backfiles are apple blossoms (currently in bloom at this latitude) and willow blossoms (which I haven't seen yet this year, but which should start coming in in the next week or so). The URL I'm setting in my response should show you photos of both apple and willow blossoms.

At any rate, looks like you had a very lovely day :)

How fun!! And I hear you on the GPS thing, I got one for Pea this Christmas and we already wonder how we ever lived without it. Did you know the Lego US Headquarters is in CT?? (Hi, just waving my Geek Flag!)

Anyway, I agree 100% with your last paragraph. We get knocked down by diabetes, and we need to get back up and keep fighting. And remember to be thankful that the disease we have is one with so many treatment options, and one that we can somewhat manage with hard work. Even on those days when it seems totally out of our control, we just have to pick ourselves back up and keep going - and try to make the next day much better.

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