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Dexcom's Laboratory.

The Dexcom has added a whole new dimension to my existence:  Muttering.

Kerri:   (muttering, of course)  Okay, so you say 176 mg/dl.  My meter says 150 mg/dl.  But you say I'm rising. 

Dex:  (silence)

Kerri:  (checking her pump for any insulin on board)  Hmm.  I don't want to end up high.  I can see that the numbers are climbing on the Dex and ...

Dex:  (like a lion roaring through a megaphone, or maybe a jet plane taking off inside an empty pool)  BEEEEEEEEP.  High - above 180 mg/dl.

Kerri:  Ahhhh!  

Kerri's Office Mates:  Kerri, are you beeping?

dLife CEO:  (from office)  Is that you or me?

Kerri:  Yeah, it's me.

Dex:  Beeeeeeeeeeeep!

Kerri:  (muttering again) I don't want to be high.  Dex says I'm high.  I should take a little bolus to correct this.

Pump:  Boop beep boop.

Dex:  Beeeeeeeep!

dLife CEO:  (from office)  Did you bolus?

Kerri:  Ahhhhhhhh!

Working with the Dexcom has really enlightened me as to how quickly my blood sugars skyrocket during times of stress.  It has also shown me that my overnights are so finely-tuned that my numbers are flat-lined throughout the night.  (That makes me very, very happy.)  But Dex is also making me a little more OCD than usual, and I'm feeling oft-compelled to correct blood sugars when I should instead let them ride and settle neatly on their own.  I'm quickly developing a nasty habit of pinch bolusing for EVERYTHING, which is causing some tricky little lows. 

I need to learn to be patient with this new technology.  I also need to remember that the Dexcom updates much faster than my insulin works, so I can't be chasing every Dex result with the boop of a bolus.  Sometimes I just need to let my insulin work and learn to better manage the emotional blow of an upward cresting graph.   

(Unrelated:  I saw llamas today on my lunch break.  They did not have diabetes, but they did have wonderful personalities.)   


Llamas? For some reason all I could think of when I read that is "Carl", Jimmy Neutron's friend and his love of llamas, and then I started laughing.

Fernando Llamas?!

'Ju look mavhelous...':)

Once again, you come through with the laugh I needed right when I needed it.

I am still recovering from an earlier low of 56. Eating an actual meal this time, at 329. What fun today is.....

Thanks for the visual update! I can just see the look on your face as you discuss numbers with your Dex! ha ha
You're the best Kerri. And the llama was so cute! Was it trying to eat you? Or did it have some grip about you taking its picture?

You saw Lorenzo Llamas today!! That's awesome!

"dLife CEO: (from office) Is that you or me?"
Hahahaha! A girl in one my classes is also D, and we are both doing trials with mini-link (and being paid for it, too!). I am constantly hearing her beeps and thinking they are mine. These things weren't made for so many D's to be in one place at the same time. :-)

I have yet to try a CGM...I think it would annoy me!!! I'll keep reading to see if you convince me that it's worth having/wearing/using.

Funny you mention the llamas. Yesterday at my lunchtime walk my Dexcom kept buzzing at me. I'm trying to converse with my friend, slapping at my belt, then pulling Dex off to look at why he won't shut up... when my friend points to the cows across the field going (I swear) beeeeep! The exact same noise as Dex!


It's seems to be a well-kept secret by Dexcom, but have a look at the CGM Guide that they put together. It may give you a better idea of strategies for dealing with CGM versus meter values.

Here's the LOOONG URL for my post about this:

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