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You guys are something else, you know that?  Everyone's posts yesterday were amazing, and the unity of the community (I love a good rhyme) was remarkable.  Thanks to everyone who raised their voices to make people more aware of our community. The whole day had such an inspirational feeling, and I'm so impressed by everyone's dedication.  Rock on!

In other news that is completely and utterly unrelated to diabetes, I was driving along the highway this weekend and saw this here truck:

The Bimbo Truck - Awesomely funny.

Bimbo?  I couldn't shake the mental image of a truck filled with bimbos, held captive by that cuddly looking bear - it was too much for me.  Then I made the mistake of checking out the website advertised on the side of the truck.  Turns out that this company, with their bread baking up in a rocketship and the giggles of their chef-hat-wearing mascot, appears to have a direct line into the thought patterns of my brain.  I laughed so hard at this that I almost fell out of my chair.    

Laughter is good for the soul, damnit.  There's the diabetes tie-in. 


I usually see this brand in the local Latino supermarkets, but not in the mainstream supermarkets. While the Web site shows one or two potentially not-too-bad products, what I recall from the stores' stock is stuff that even a healthy person should put back on the shelf...

OMG Kerri! I love the things you find!

I laughed so hard when I saw the truck. Then you just had to put the website link!!!!

No way with that name should a cute chef bear have that voice!!!!!!

(btw, they pronounce it beambo, BiMBO, it is a Mexican company.)

Still SOOOO funny!
Laughter is the Best medicine! And thanks for the comment. OMG, just adore this post!!!!! lol lol lol (oops sorry for the previous MA attached to lol) ha ha, I am still laughing, I can't type! The image you put in my head of a bunch of "beambos" omg, held hostage!!! I love you Kerri! HA HA HA HA HA

You have to love a Mexican bakery company with the name of Bimbo! Many a guy's dream come true, no doubt.

"One small step for bears! One giant leap for Bimbo Bakery!"

I think I could waste a lot of time clicking around the website. The ice cream truck-ish music is driving me insane though!

WE are impressed with YOUR dedication. What a fantastic idea. I loved reading new (to me) blogs and meeting new (to me) bloggers.
After this, the wedding should be a cinch!

Yes! That is hilarious. I lived in Spain for two years and that was our main brand of bread (that we used). I told my then boyfriend, now husband about the infamous "Bimbo Bread" and he told me that I must be confused, that it had to be Rainbow bread. He said, "They would not name bread after bimbos!" It was not until I bought him a loaf that he believed me. Needless to say, we have laughed so hard over this, it gave me a pain in my side. :)))

BEEEEMBO! I remember being a kid visiting Mexico and always cracking up about BEEEMBO Bread.


OMG, why did you make me look at that site? Now I want chocolate :o

One would think that their marketing people would figure out that they should change the name for their US customers... That's too funny.

amazing.. it reminds me of the hershey's chocolate world and the song they played...anytime you want delicious chocolate there's no need to go lookin' far, cause Hershey's IS that great american chocolate bar!

this made me laugh harder though!

There's a trucking company called A. Duie Pyle that gives me a similar reaction.

Bimbo bread. I need to find some....

oh gosh! That's too funny.

do you think they have virtual bimbo bread on missbimbo.com?

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