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Can't Change The Spots.

Good thing he went to college.Scene:  Last night at my local grocery store.  I'm standing in line with my purchases, thumbing through a trashy magazine that I don't intend to buy.  I overhear Grocery Manager and Cashier talking about a customer they just had in line.

Cashier:  You know what?  I am sick and tired of that guy treating me that way.  He talks to me like I'm an idiot - I can't freaking stand him.

Grocery Manager:  That guy?  He's a jerk.  He'll always be a jerk. He's been coming here for years.

Cashier:  I'm going to tell him off the next time he is in my line.  Let him know he can't treat me that way.

Grocery Manager:  (squaring off his shoulders and looking down at the Cashier)  Nah, don't bother.  I went to college.  I'm educated in the ways of these kinds of people.  I know his type, so don't waste your breath.  You can't get a lion to change its spots.

Cashier:  (staring blankly)  What?

Grocery Manager:  A lion ... you can't get that thing to change its spots.

Cashier:  I think you mean a leopard.  Right?

Grocery Manager:  (grunting)  Hey, you've got a customer here.  Start ringing, okay?

I laughed so hard that I ended up buying the trashy magazine by accident. 


LMAO Dumb people are fun.

Too funny! Spots...lions!!

Apparently he didn't study Nature in college - just the "ways of the jerks..." LOL

That's awesome! Reminds me of the classic George Bush "fool me once" line. I tell ya. People like that! You can't teach an old canary new tricks.


Love those moments!!!

Darn Lion, why won't it change its spots!!!!!!!

I think he meant a tiger. You can't get them to change their underwear.

I took art history in college. I know these things.

(That was a good conversation you overheard. It's like a little treasure.)

OMG!!! That is so great! It just goes to show that college doesn't always make you smarter. :) I have a college degree and am working on my Master's. But I have always said the longer I have stayed in school, the dumber I've gotten. :P

I wonder what major you study 'those kind of people' in. I am a career counselor and I would love to direct people to this new profession. :D

It's nice to know our colleges are busy producing bright individuals like this manager.

"I went to college. I'm educated in the ways of these kinds of people."

This shall be my new mantra :)

OH MY GOODNESS- how funny!! I would have done the same thing probably!

And here I thought working in customer service gave you experience in "those sort of people" (whoever they are). Although, tsk tsk - the employees shouldn't have let you hear them gossip like that.

My cousin worked in a grocery store for a long, long time and it made him rather jaded. I guess I feel a bit of sympathy for the manager. ;-)

Don't be ashamed of buying trashy magazines. I always buy one at the store under the pretense that it's "for my wife." Really though, I buy them if Angelina Jolie is on the cover.

That's great! It reminds me of some of the profs I work with. Many of them come across as snobby and "too" good for the "common" folk. Eye roll!

Hey you know the old saying, when life gives you lemons, you make orange juice.

Glad you got a little OJ out of your trip. :)

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