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Wagon? What Wagon?

Addicted:  Coffee Recently, I discussed my desire to kick the caffeine habit.  I waxed on for way too many words about how I was going to leave the chaos of caffeine behind and start this new, clean life of staying awake and alert without the assistance of my favorite coffee or tea indulgence.  And I sighed this big, self-righteous sigh and picked up a box of decaffeinated tea from Whole Foods, convinced I was going to heal thyself.

What a frickin' liar I am. 

Instead of sticking to my well-intentioned guns, I'm so far off the "no caffeine" wagon that it's ridiculous.  The wagon is waaaay ahead of me, leaving me here in the dust, coffee cup clutched in my little bride-to-be hands.  Over the past two weeks, I've reinstituted coffee into my daily diet.  Granted, I'm sticking to the meal plan I had established (minus a few moments of weakness, which included a piece of chocolate Guinness Cake on St. Patrick's Day, a few beers, and three Almond Hershey Kisses from my co-worker's stash), but I couldn't hold steady on my mission for no caffeine. 

I can't even say that I'm trying.  Today alone has been a jittery nightmare:  a small coffee right when I got to work, a large Earl Gray tea from the diner downstairs at mid-morning, and a large iced coffee after lunch.  Yesterday was only slightly more acceptable.  I love the ritual of coffee, chatting with co-workers around the machine in the morning.  I love the social jaunts down to the diner with my office mates, talking with the waitress downstairs as we get our respective caffeine fixes.  I love my stupid coffee mug and the cheap mug warmer that I bought at the dollar store. 

But I am addicted not only to the routine - no, that would be too easy.  I'm also hooked on the actual coffee buzz.  I love that feeling of controlled pandemonium that a good cup of coffee brings to my busy work day.  It's totally sadistic, but I like the edge of panic a java boost gives to my to do list.  With the list of crap to do being ridiculously overwhelming lately (thank you, wedding and worky bits), I feel like I want need the helping hand of coffee. 

I know my weaknesses:  Chris.  My foolish cat critters.  The need to laugh at fart jokes.  Anything related to writing.  And coffee.  Hey, I'm woman enough to admit my weaknesses.  I can't stop drinking this crap, not at this tender stage in the game. It's part of the fabric, and I'm all woven up in it. 

I know I'm not the only one who is addicted.  But I know people have cut caffeine out of their lives completely, too.  After the wedding, I'll give it another go.  For now, I need a refill.   


A famous line from Brokeback Mountain: "I can't quit you".

That's what I say to my coffee.

I never used to drink it at all. I was so proud to say I don't need coffee. But I started drinking about a year ago for some reason and now it's my favorite part of the morning. And at times, my afternoon.

One of my co-workers said I should quit drinking soda since I was able to quit smoking. I told her, You are going to have to pry the diet pepsi from my cold dead fingers.

As D-folk, we give up a lot. Somethings we should just get for a while.

I heart coffee and tea too!

I have to say, I am sort of pleased that you failed to break your addiction, if only because I failed miserably at it when I tried (the worst part about it when I tried was co-workers making comments about how tired I looked or was I feeling okay, etc.).

On a more positive note, I did eventually ween myself down to one cup of coffee a day, with the occasional (read: not more than once a week) second cup. This turned out to be much easier to do, so I would recommend it, at least as a goal on the path to being addiction-free.

Why give it up?


I cannot start my morning without it.

I definitely am not giving up coffee. I give up enough, and frankly, it makes me a happier, easier person to be around in the morning. I don't smoke or do any form of drugs. I rarely drink. I cut out sweets for the most part and cut back on carbs, eat lotsa veggies, so I'm keepin' the coffee.

By the way, Kerri--I am thinking of you today because it's my FIRST DAY PUMPING and I put the set in my thigh, a spot I would've never thought of before I met you, and now I enjoy it. I don't like the thought of the pump in the abdomen area too often.

YAY! Pumpin' ala Morrone!

Yup. Don't even think about this until the wedding is over. Pick two weeks when you have as little to do as possible. I quit cold turkey back in 1997, and it was possibly the worst two weeks of my life. I did not realize that you can be aware that you have a headache while you are asleep.

Now I will have some tea or chocolate occasionally, but I've been "clean" so long that the jumpiness I feel afterwards keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Let us know how it works when you choose to tackle it again!

There are far worse things in the world to be hooked on, so drink up! :P

p.s. I read this while drinking a cup of French Roast.

I am so glad I never got hooked on that stuff. I have only had coffee once in my life. I was 15 (I'm 47 now) and someone gave me a cup and I don't know if that particular cup was just bad coffee or that is how it tastes but after drinking it I thought I was gonna hurl. It just tasted awful. I could never touch the stuff after that. I have been in the brokerage business for over 25 yrs and started my career on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and coffee is like liquid adrenaline for all the type A personalities and no one could understand how I could survive without it. Then I think the stubborness in me helped me refuse to go to the dark side and start drinking it.

I gave up coffee when I was pregnant - I couldn't stand the stuff for the whole 9 months. Much easier that way ... not that I'm recommending that for you right now ;)

Recently I gave it up again when I fell for Green Tea. Wasn't intending to give it up, but it was easier to make a quick tea than it was to wait for the coffee, so I ended up going weeks without coffee without even noticing or caring. Sweeet.

I suspect it was only easy for me because I've always had it weak.

In any case, it's not that evil... but follow your gut. If you need to quit it then go for it. Perhaps start by having it weaker?


I don't even remember my first cup of coffee!!, but your hurl comment made me laugh.

Ahh, coffee.

I actually kicked caffeine over a year ago, before I got pregnant. I quit it cold turkey and experienced one hellish week of headaches. After that, I actually had a lot of energy and enjoyed being caffeine-free.

While on maternity leave, I've been a coffeeaholic! I make a large pot in the morning and pretty much drink it all myself! I too, love the whole idea of coffee and enjoy my protein bars so much more with a hot beverage.

My thing is I don't want to be totally addicted to it, so I limit myself to my morning coffee and don't have it later in the day. I'm sure I'll be drinking less when I return to work, but that morning cup is such a joy!

I'm not giving up coffee either. I did switch to 1/2 caff, but that's it. I like it, I'm addicted to it. I drink it all day long and did I mention I like it? I even like McDonald's coffee. I really love to drink coffee that other people have made....their cups, their Splenda, their creamer. If I lived above a coffee shop I'd be broke.

I can't stand coffee but I love diet soda. Not like George does, but certainly several cans a day. Aspartame kinda scares me so I am trying to buy Splenda flavored versions now, but I will never give up my addiction.

Interesting that you should post this today. Just yesterday my sister-in-law posted about her first anniversary caffeine free: http://matthesenfamily.blogspot.com/2008/03/anniversary-of-sorts.html.

I agree; wait until after the wedding. Withdrawal sucks.

I couldn't live without my coffee. Especially since I got the espresso machine at my bridal shower - lattes at home are delightful. I say if it would be more stressful to quit than to keep at it... keep at it. At least for right now. You don't need that added pressure during this time.

P.S. I'll have the chicken francaise. ;-) RSVP's in the mail.

I read this while drinking a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee (from a 5 lb bag of beans my best friend sent me for my birthday.)

I tried to gove up coffee, too, but also to no avail. As a compromise, my dr asked me to at least track how many cups I drink a day. I think she is going on the "awareness is the first step" theory.

And in this case I do think its a theory.

I am SO HOOKED on Diet Coke that it is not even funny.

I do have to say that I am really, really disappointed in G-Money. Diet Pepsi?! Dude! It's DIET COKE forever man!


I never drank coffee until I got at job at Starbucks corporate 2 years ago. I try to stick to tea, but either way, caffeine has become a large part of my day.

I went off caffeine for a good year or two in my early twenties and all I can remember from that time is the lethargy. It went away after a couple of weeks. Definitely wait until after the wedding to forego the coffee... lethargy + last minute wedding stuff = stress you don't need.

P.S. I remember reading on wikipedia that tea contains half the amount of caffeine that coffee does. I try to keep my morning wake-me-up drinks to tea for that reason. Still getting some caffeine, but less.

It's either coffee or crack. At least coffee doesn't make you ugly.

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