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Cartoons Are Based on my Life.

One of my co-workers once told me, after I had relayed my most recent bit of idiocy, "Cartoons are based on your life."

Apparently, there's now truth to that statement.  

Cartoons are based on my diabetes life.
For the full cartoon, skip over to HealthCentral to view!

Thanks, HealthCentral, for completely making my day.  (And for providing another visual of Siah stuffed into a banana ... that makes me laugh every time.)



that is very cool :) congrats on being turned into a comic :)

LMFAO! I love the seamless way the cartoonist wove all of your posts into one cartoon.

That was great.

He gave you a receding hairline though.

Russell and Courtney - Thanks! :)

Shannon - I know! But I felt too "diva-esque" saying "Okay, can you make me more attractive as a cartoon character?" It makes me laugh my ass off that this exists in the first place. :D

Way awesome.

And OMG, Shannon, I thought the exact same thing!

Two things to remember: (1) In all of the hero cycles, there are times when things are at an even keel, there are times when the bottom drops out, and there are times when the protagonist is The Savior Of The Universe. It is by going through the depths that he (or she) gains the knowledge and perserverence to succeed. The hero's aim is not to be triumphant before others, but rather to stay alive and healthy without compromising his ethics or his freedom.
(2) Everybody's life is a hero tale. You may not feel like a hero, but you may be somebody else's hero. You've done something that person considers difficult or impossible, or have had terrible odds against you, but you kept battling your way through and have succeeded. It's the third-person definition of "taking life's lemons and making them into lemonade".

super coolio!!

okay... i'm in love with Super Siah!

*sing-songy voice* I know someone in a comic strip, I know someone in a comic strip *end sing-songy voice* (Fame by association - I gotta take what I can get, y'know.)

Wicked cool!

And could you please email me? I need to pin you down on something.


You are a comic character!

Pun intended!

Very cool Kerri.

Did you use a telephone box to change into the suit for the last frame?

Will you be wearing it under your wedding dress in case you need to spring into action? :-)

Very cool!

The hair really made me laugh though! :D

Wow..that's awesome. I thought you looked stunning in your gown! don't let Chris see that.

Does your seamstress really look like Velma though???

and I suspect she uses an extra large test strip container to change in ..not a telephone booth.


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