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A Good Tune.

I even own some Yanni.  I know...For as far back as I can remember, music has been such a crucial part of my little world.  When I was a little kid (we're talking like six or seven years old), I can distinctly remember listening to my mom's Elton John tapes on my Fisher Price tape player.  I also remember buying my first tape cassette when I was 10 - Beethoven's 9th Symphony.  I played that tape over and over until it wore out and the actual cassette tape warped.

In my mind, my life has a constant soundtrack.  If I trip and fall over my own feet while walking downtown (often right in front of a coffee shop window where people are sitting and, of course, looking out), I hear the sounds of a stumbling tuba, a la Droopy Dog.  When Chris proposed on the balcony in St. John, I heard the swells of some wildly romantic Italian aria.  Even as I sit at work and watch the emails file in first thing in the morning, "Flight of the Bumblebee" runs frantically through my head.

I LOVE live music and have seen plenty of awesome bands in person - The Frames, U2, Muse, 311, Jewel, Radiohead, Gomez, Damien Rice, Stereolab, and The Beastie Boys.  There's something so intense about hearing these musicians perform their songs LIVE, in front of my face, streaming right into my ears and dipping directly into my soul.  Gets me fired up, makes me feel alive.

There are definitive genres of music that are called into play when I'm trying to write, as well.  Regardless of whether or not I'm writing something upbeat or emotionally evocative, I always head to the same kinds of tunes:  moody sorts of music that is someone was going to guess my personality type by listening to my iTunes, they'd think I'm itching to off myself.  Radiohead, Damien Rice, The Frames (especially the new stuff from the "Once" soundtrack and tracks from "The Swell Season"), Nick Drake, Tori Amos ... and soundtracks.  Like "Schindler's List" and "Braveheart" and "Last of the Mohicans." 

I know - pretty damn moody for someone who spend the majority of her day laughing.  Looking at my iTunes library makes me look all emo and crap.  ;)

I spend the majority of my day plugged in to headphones or listening through the speakers, doing my job, and enjoying tunes.  Over the last few months, I've been listening to the same music, but I rec'd a mix cd from Carey a few bit ago that introduced a whole new cache of bands into my playlist.  Now I'm itching for some new songs and new bands - it's like I need a musical spring cleaning, shuffling out the old stuff I don't really listen to anymore (sorry, Snow Patrol) and bringing in the new blood. 

So, O Wise Internet - what are you listening to these days?  Anything worth sharing?  Can I usher in the Spring with your playlist?   


Vampire Weekend!

My husband listens to Vampire Weekend. :-) They're not bad, but indeed a bit emo...lol.

I was going to suggest Adele, Cat Power, Allison Crowe (she does a chilling rendition of the Beatles' Let it Be), and Caribou.

I don't know if you're familiar with pandora.com, but if not, it's a great way to scope out some new/different artists. It's a free streaming net radio site...you type in an artist in the genre or style you like (i.e., Regina Spektor if you're into chick-rock indie music...or Jessica Simpson if you're into power-ballad pop), and Pandora will come back and play lots of different arists and songs for you all day long. :-) You can even skip over the ones you don't like.

I just made a country mix for Amylia (actually two, one fun and one ballads). Any interest in good country?

Ingrid Michaelson is one of my constants. She's not quite moody, but her lyrics say so much with the simplest phrases.
I'm more of a certain song or lyric kind of girl, than a specified artists type.

I would love to send you a CD with some of my fav's! Funny about Imogen Heap on YTT today. She is a good one. So is Cat Power. I will put something together for you Kerri.

I have been OD-ing on Lucinda Williams lately. Listening to her ALL the time, and I'm not sick of it yet. She's so good, and has such a powerful, hot voice. And awesome, evocative songwriter too.

All her stuff is great, but lately I've had these 3 albums in rotation: Live at the Fillmore - soo good (2005), Essence (2001), and West (2007). Also Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is always good.

I have been compulsively checking her website to see when she'll go on tour again, even though she just finished one so it's not going to be for a while.


I highly recommend Travis, Keane, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Postal Service.

I've had the new Bruce Springsteen CD on constantly in my car for the last couple of weeks. I don't know if that's to your taste, though.

I think you should have a "Send Kerry Your Favourite Ten Songs" drive. You know, kinda like PBS, only better, because you won't have to sit thru the guilt trips and you won't have to watch that damned Roy Orbison special for the umptithird time.

get cape. wear cape. fly

Cat power is lovely. I just rediscovered the brian jonestown massacre, which is deliciously moody. And for good workout tunes, try Mos Def.

I just bought Hayden's new album (the canadian folk singer, not the composer) and its quite good, maybe not as good as Skyscraper National Park, but still enjoyable.

For dancing or working out i HIGHLY suggest daft punk and MSTRKRFT (yea, its a weird name but theyre good!)

However, my fav artist of all time is John Mayer. not very up-beat music tho.

Bedouin Soundclash. gosh i could send you a whole LIST of artists. maybe we should do that? everyone sends in their lists of artists and we all share music :) might be fun!

I recently became addicted to Josh Groban. I'm busily shuffling Josh most days at the moment.

well today's music was John Mellencamp (gotta love a hall of famer!), but i love Kate Vogele right now.

Nightwish is always good for mellow metal. And if you are in a punk mood, go for the Screeching or Ben Weasel. ;) And hard rock would be the Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Alice Cooper. Ok, so I'm not much help. My world is older punk and older metal and older hard rock, what can I say? (and if you want to know who Ben Weasel is, you can ask Nicole.)

I HIGHLY recommend Angie Stevens. She's a local artist from Denver, and I don't understand why she hasn't made it big time yet.

A total doll and a sweet heart, with an amazing voice. By far my most favorite artist!


Based on what you say you like I'd suggest Amos Lee and Josh Kelley. My boyfriend and I discovered Amos when he opened for a Bob Dylan concert we attended in 2005. His song Sweet Pea is on an AT&T commercial right now and Colors was on the Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven.

sounds like we like the same kind of music- damien rice is my favorite, and I'm going to see the swell season in concert in May. I'd have to recommend Ray Lamontagne to you if you haven't already heard of him, the first CD I heard was "Trouble" but "till the sun turns black" is also good.

The new Jack Johnson album Sleep Through The Static is wonderful. You won't be disappointed.

For something different, and a laugh, give a listen to "Richard Cheese", no I didn't make that name up. I was looking for a radiohead song, and stumbled upon his rendition of "creep". Turns out it was exactly what I needed. Some of his stuff is very entertaining. Don't know if it would be a band that I listen to a lot though ... just when I need an escape.

Brain Dump:

Architecture in Helsinki:
"It's 5!",
"The Cemetery"

The New Pornographers:
"All for Swinging You Around",
"The Laws Have Changed",
"Letter from an Occupant",
"My Rights Versus Yours", and so much more

"The First Five Times",
"Your Ex-lover is Dead"

Wolf Parade:
"You Are a Runner and I am My Father's Son",
"Shine a Light",
"Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts",
"I'll Believe in Anything",
"This Heart's on Fire"

"Fake Empire",
"Mistaken for Strangers",

Hope you find something you like!

Iron & Wine (check out "The Trapeze Swinger"), and Elliott Smith.

Explosions in the Sky are great too. And since all their music is instrumental, I like to listen while I'm trying to get work done. "First Breath After Coma" and "Your Hand In Mine" are a couple of my favorites.

Your music sounds like my iTunes library as well...
Some favorites:

A Fine Frenzy (does a great "Almost Lover")
Ben Harper is always great.
Citizen Cope
Joshua Radin
The Shins
The Weepies

Bluegrass music. I went to a Dr. Ralph Stanley live concert last year, just amazing. The support act said that bluegrass music was all about "feeling good about feeling bad". I don't completely agree, but I do enjoy it.

Irish music. Try The Saw Doctors. Upbeat and just plain fun. But there's also a LOT of trad Irish music that's great. Try finding some Planxty or Liam O'Flynn. Or have you tried The Chieftains playing alongside The Rolling Stones? It's brill, as they'd say at home.

My husband and I bought the Red Hot Chili Peppers double CD, Stadium Arcadium when we were in Spain for our honeymoon last year. We drove all over the country listening to it for two weeks and it is AWESOME!!!! You will LOVE the song "Hard to Concentrate".

Try Amy MacDonald, KT Tunstall and Paolo Nutini
they are fab, well worth a
listen (and all Scottish).

Been listening to WRXP 101.9 out of NYC lately. It's a nice rock mix, but nothing like "corporate radio". Aside from that the Black Crowes just put out a new album, and I've got the Foo Fighters latest along with Blues Traveler (Cover Yourself) in the queue.

Ah, man. Too many to choose from!

I love Joe Purdy... especially "Why Do I", "Ode To Sad Clown", and "Wash Away (reprise)".

Hem, most of their stuff.

Amos Lee. Josh Ritter. Rosie Thomas. Ryan Adams. Iron & Wine. Patty Griffin. Okay, I'll stop now ;)

Happy musicing! Hope you'll let us know if you happen across anything awesome.

I just picked up "Made of Bricks" from Kate Nash ($7.99 on iTunes!). It's great. The song "Foundations" has been stuck in my head all week.

I also highly approve of and recommend: Jack Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional (emo music, but good emo music), Regina Spektor, and the ol' standbys - Paul Simon (with and without Garfunkel), The Beatles, and John Hiatt.


two obscure-ish recommendations -

Derek James

Madeleine Peyroux

I've been on an edgier (for me) bent lately... Flyleaf, Fireflight, Superchik, Thousand Foot Krutch, Eleventy-Seven, RelientK, The Afters.

Ok...totally different from anything posted already. How about the Backyardigans? Just kidding. I've been pulling out the oldies lately. Jimmy Buffett & The Indigo Girls. I also love John Mayer. He's yummy!

Yes, an American Idol cast-off. But some really good stuff at this link:


My favorite is "To Run."

Holy crap you guys are awesome. I have a ton of downloading/cd purchasing/burning to do. Using Pandora and Seeqpod to sample these bands before I buy them. :)

And oh my god Seonaid, Ray Lamontagne - I heard a song by him on Pandora that almost brought me to tears. He's incredible.

Anyone who recommended Death Cab or Iron & Wine or Elliott Smith, I'm already knee-deep in those. Have been for years. But exactly the right recommendation, as it's exactly up my alley.

Kevin - Great list, I'm all over this asap. :)

Zaz - Josh Grobin - does he sing the Boston song?

All these Irish/English band recommendations are awesome. I love that style.

Too much to respond to, but seriously, thank you guys. This was precisely the musical lift I was needing. :)

Oh, and for anyone who offered (THANK YOU) to send a mix cd, shoot me an email at kerri(at)sixuntilme(dot)com and I'll shoot you my address. Shoot? Shoot. :) And THANKS.

I have a couple for ya!!

Ray Lamontagne has one of the most beautiful, raw voices i have ever heard. He is kind of on the same page as Damien Rice. They have a duet of To Love Somebody(origionally by the Bee Gees). It's pretty freaking cool.

I'm totally in love with Butch Walker. If you have never heard any of his stuff, go right now and find everything you can by him. He is the perfect combination of rock, and music that can make you smile, make you cry, make you want to conquer the world, or make you want to get up and dance until you can't breathe.

I am such a music person just like you. I have so many more amazing artists but those are the two really big in my life right now!

I am glad to already see HEM & AMOS LEE , really really amazing recommendations... also check out Allison Krause and Robert Plant's compilation... while we're talking about plant, get every led zeppelin song you can...
and also look into Royksopp & The Knife (they're swedish)

damien rice and ray lamontagne duet. amazing!

damien rice is my favourite musician.
we have very similar tastes in music. i too love radiohead.

fionn regan is another singer/songwriter. he kinda has the same stlye as damien rice.


hope you like these!

Today, I have been listening to Jefferson Airplane/Surrealistic Pillow. Eric Clapton/ Slowhand
Champion Jack Dupree/ Blues From The Gutter
Muddy Waters/ The Best of Muddy Waters
Cream/ Disraeli Gears
Howlin' Wolf/ The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions

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