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We Can Work It Out.

I have been busting my arse at the gym for the past few weeks, pushing myself harder than I ever thought I wanted to go.  Long workouts comprised of resistance training and cardio circuits.  I'm forcing my body to lift things it doesn't want to lift and go distances that are too damn far, and I'm finally hitting my stride.

I'm not gasping for air while I'm running anymore.  I'm also not watching the clock and praying that it ticks faster so I can decrease the speed after my ten minute intervals.   And thankfully, I've stopped worrying that I'm going to fly off the back of the treadmill and embed myself into the wall.

I've also noticed an increase in my strength, and not in that weight-lifting way, but in the real-life way.  I can bring in more grocery bags without having my biceps burn.  I can stand on my tiptoes steady enough to grab a teacup off the highest kitchen shelf. 

It sounds silly, these little achievements, but they mean so much to me.  It took a few months to not view my visits to the gym as "Arghh ... arduous crap!" and it's taken me many, many more months to see results from these work-week workouts.  None of this workout stuff has been easy.  Making the pursuit of fitness part of my intrinsic routine instead of some torturous event has been a tough road, but it's completely worth it.

Because yesterday, I had this (fictional) message on my voicemail:


"Ker.  Dude.  Larry here.  I haven't heard from you in aLarry, line two. while and I know your wedding is coming up.  Wanted to make sure you were doing okay with your workouts and you're ready for all that white-dress girly crap.  You know how I feel about giving 100% all of the time, things will work out in the end.  And in this case, you'll be healthy and happy and ready to become Mrs. Sparkling or Spaulding or whatever his last name is.  Keep at it, girl.  I'm here for you, just like Mr. Holland was for me. Man, this message is long!  I'm going to delete it now.  Going to re-record it ... now."

Thanks, Larry.  I'm glad you're (fictiously) with me on this.


What would you do without that man. Thank for being an inspiration!

Awesome Job, Kerri! those little things like the bicep burn that isn't there any more and a stronger stance are what counts. I'm very proud of you.
You inspire me!

I've missed Larry - glad he's back!

Kerri I'm pretty sure you can now officially be renamed "Super Kerri"! I'm glad Larry is back in your life. Any way good for you, your an inspiration to the rest of us.

Ps. I read Generation D and clicked that link to Chris' little page. The picture kind of made me giggle, it's very top model.

It's funny that you mentioned carrying groceries because I knew I was making progress in my workouts when I could load up both my arms with bags, carry them from the garage, through the basement and upstairs to the kitchen and it didn't feel like an effort.

But, now I'm practically back to square one and my arms are like noodles. Three bags tops. That's about all my noodles can take.

Hey Kerri -

I saw dLife on TV the other night. The show was great! Did you write any of it?

Take care, and good luck with the wedding prep!


I think for a wedding gift, we should work on getting Larry Bird to call you.

Do you eat to work out or do you play with your basals?

Hi Kerri! I love reading your blog - sorry to go back to diabetes but I have a question for you regarding exercise...do you ever find your sugar skyrockets after exercise??? Any exercise advice would be amazing.

Read your Low Blood Sugar: View From The Bottom Of The Well article on diaTribe and was very touched by it. I could identify very easily with the feeling; not just the physical but the emotional as well. I don't notice my lows until well into the 40s now, and they mostly occur during the day( sometimes 3 times a day ), but they always leave me feeling drained, physically and emotionally,

Kerri, thank you for posting this. I found your site from a link on a friend's blog, and even though I'm not diabetic, I really enjoy your writing.

I recently started (since the new year) a workout routine and I've been getting frustrated because darnit, the scale just isn't moving in the right direction very quickly, despite my best workout and dieting efforts! But, I do know that it takes time and that every time I go to the gym and push myself will make me a happy and healthier person, and I am bound to see results eventually. So, thank you...I needed a few words of inspiration after ungracefully attending my first yoga class last night. :-)

Giggle - this is my fear too -

"And thankfully, I've stopped worrying that I'm going to fly off the back of the treadmill and embed myself into the wall."

Way to go! You've worked hard for it, and it's really encouraging for us that aren't there yet to hear how it's paying off for you.

And glad to hear that Larry is still in touch and nodding (bobbling?) his head in approval somewhere.

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