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SEO, Revisited.

Another crack at SEO.Back in November, during the trials and tribulations of NaBloPoMo, I posted about the popular search terms that lead new readers my way.  There's always the "diabetes" and "diabetic blog" ones, but some of the more random ones make me laugh so hard I almost fall off my chair.  Here's another peek into the search engine terms that are leading people to SUM. 

  • "uses for bacon bits"
  • "taking garlic with xanax"
  • "my wedding is coming - i'm freaking the f*&k out!"
  • "diabetics who are badass"  (Why, thank you, I think!)
  • "medtronic insulin pump when working out"
  • "who you calling diabetic" (Willis?)
  • "no one understands why I like sausage"  (Damn, Siah has finally been optomized.)
  • "dLife and the magic beans"

And today's best search term:  "Sex until me mom comes home."


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That last one sounds like what a horny high school Leprechaun wants to have.

I've got to collect some of the search terms that lead people to my blog. They're mostly people who want to have sex with moms.

I haven't had the "stuck people" coming around though.

i laughed so hard at work and i had to be voiceless, so tears were streaming down my cheeks!

ha ha, badass diabetic! You are! And I voted for you in the medical blogs thingee!

There always after me lucky charms.

First, Kerri, you definitely are a badass. Also, you are freaking the f* out about your wedding. (Sorry.)

My favorite search leading to my website was someone from Germany, who found my novel by looking for porn. They did a Google search on "deep throat girl suck," no doubt looking for the movie "Deep Throat." Because I had all those terms (separately) in an excerpt from my novel, they hit on my page.

I'm sure they were disappointed.


You've got some classics there. I don't get half as many interesting ones me self. (Speaking as an Irish man.)


I have type I diabetes 25 years ago. I come from Spain. Excuse me for my English.

I invite you to visit and take part in my web. You can to send diabetes news, comment it, vote it, etc. (Do you know DIGG?).

The web:


Thank you.
Sweet Blood.

I thought the "sex until me mom comes home" might have been from an Aussie..until I saw the "Mom". That is such an Aussie bloke thing to say...eg,"Do ya wanna have sex til me mum comes home?"

I just wanted to say hi thats all...i miss ya much...and i still love the lucky charms cereal....with all the funky shapes hehe

I found you on youtube.com with that redneck toy playing Lowrider & Alabama song...that was a good one! Good luck on your wedding. (Hope you're not like those BrideZillas on the WE channel, they're SCARY CRAZY!!)

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