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With a smiley face on it, it actually looks a bit friendly.It's fricking freezing here lately.  Gone are the winters of 2006 where I barely turned on the heat and didn't bust out my wool jacket until almost February.  Here come the constant snow showers, rotten and battered hands, and frozen meters.

Yes, frozen meters.

Last night, after going to the gym, Chris and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for another attempt at soup.  (Pearl onions, chicken, black pepper, and celery.  It was definitely another good recipe from that book.)  Since we were just popping in for a few minutes, I left my gym bag in the car - with my iPod, water bottle, and glucose meter.

The wind was bitterly cold and biting through my sweatshirt.  I scampered over to the car and started it up while Chris loaded the groceries into the back seat.  (What a guy - always protects me from the elements!)  Feeling a little light-headed, I rescued my meter from my bag and unzipped the case.

"Whoa.  This thing is like a block of ice!"  I said. 

"What?"  Chris asked from outside the car, over the rustle of the plastic bags. 

I popped a strip into the meter. 


Oh fantastic.  I rubbed the meter between my hands and blew on it, trying to thaw out its innards.  After a minute, I stuck the strip back in.


Arghhhh.  Still feeling foggy, I cracked open the juice in my workout bag and took a few sips.   Then I opened the battery compartment and breathed onto the disc batteries, hoping they'd warm up. 


"Excuse me?"


Is this thing serious?  I removed the meter from the plastic holding case, looked from side to side to see if anyone was watching, and then shoved the meter into the armpit of my sweatshirt.  After waiting another minute, I tried again with another test strip.


I pricked my finger and applied a drop of blood.  Five second count down.  68 mg/dl.


"I already had some juice.  I'll just wait to come up."


"I will." 

Chris opened the door and settled into the driver's seat.  "You will, what?"

"Nothing.  I was just ... nevermind."



Haha. This posted reminds me of this photo I took in Seattle after walking around outside for 3 hours.


Wow! How cold was it outside? I'll remember that trick, just in case...!


Armpits make me laugh every time.

I hate Temperature Error! When I walked to work in NYC I kept my meter in my coat pocket, toasty and warm, but when I'd pull it out to check, the blood would freeze in the strip and not even make it down to the meter! Ack! :(

Hahaha. Nice one Kerri.

You must be feeling better!

at least your meter maintained a good attitude about the whole thing!

Allison - The cold sucks. :)

SaraN - I'm guessing like 20? 24 F? I don't know the exact temperature but I do know that my meter wasn't having it.

Shannon - You make me aLOL every time.

Beth - I usually have my meter in my purse (and my purse on my person), so I don't encounter this error too often. But it is a PITA!

Bernard - Thanks. :) Feeling better, but still not completely healed. Humor helps, though.

Paige - It's true. My meter did maintain a nice attitude, which I appreciated. ;)

Its not that cold where I am, but I hate that temperature warning too!!! It happened to me when I left my meter in the office one weekend and they turned the heat off. Who does that??!!

This has happened to me with my contour several times. I don't much like the cold, but it seems like my diabetes supplies don't like it either.

(Great photo, by the way)

Marie - Your office gets that cold over the weekend? Geez!

Link - Thanks! I am a fan of Photoshopping just about everything.

haha, nice photoshop action there =)

If only all meters actually smiled back at you ;)

What is with the lows while grocery shopping? It seems that happens to me more than would be "normal." You, too? I recall more than one post on the topic.

Thanks for the tip about dethawing the meter using your pits. I'll be heading back to the frozen tundra soon, and need such reminders!

Here in Texas I seem to have the opposite problem. Imagine what people are thinking when they see me sitting in the truck holding my meter up to the air conditioner.

I don't think Greg has ever had a meter do that - even in the Midwest way back when - when it was definitely cold enough. Of course, they probably didn't have temp sensors back ten years ago, did they ;)?

(As for grocery store lows, *shudder*. You know why.)

LOL-- Doesn't that always happen when you're freezing, low, and really need a hassle-free reading?

I was still using a One Touch Ultra back when I lived in an apartment without central heating (in Rhode Island.) The back of that meter was actually melted into a lumpy shape from being tossed onto my gas heater one too many mornings to thaw out.

At least it couldn't talk...

My Freestyle Flash never seems to complain about the cold the way my One Touch did.

This blog makes me smile every day--thank you for creating it.

And that's why you all should move to Florida like me!

hee! :)
we used to have to do the armpit thing with Noah's old One Touch.

This is hilarious Kerri. I have done that so many times! Thanks for sharing :)

Snap and heat hand warmer doo-hickeys. Or microwaveable heating pads and an insulated lunch bag. I bet either of those would work to keep your meters warm - I left a similar, if more wordy, comment to the same effect over at Jonah's blog.

I won't let O leave her meter in the car during the winter because we've had way too many of those stupid temperature readings.

The colder it gets the more I realize that blood likes to run away from my finger tips - plus the prick hurts alot more!

I hate when that happens. my meter does that to me all the time. Its always too hot or too cold..and it always does it when i most need it too! I am always testing for sports and when i'm playing in extreme weathers...that happens..lol..its so annyoning...
but it's only a small flaw of diabetes management..haha. :)

yes cold ..too cold. Got 4 glucagon delivered in the mail the other day - all frozen. who the freak mails 4 glucs in nothing but a manilla mailer in 20degree weather via regular mail??? Today, 4 new ones all by fed=ex...with a lovely expiration date of 3/2009!! woot!

I have gotten that once. My meter was in my purse on the couch in front of an open window in early spring.

I think it was on my BD so it didn't even tell me what was wrong, just gave me an error code. I googled and googled and found a diabetes blog that told me what the error was and suggested the armpit thing. I shrugged and tried it and it worked!

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