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Search Engine Optimization.

I was under the assumption that most people found my blog by searching for "diabetes" or "insulin pump," or even "medical blogs."

I did not realize how many other routes in there were.  How many silly routes there were.  People are Googling all sorts of terms and finding Six Until Me

Of note:

  • "Do I often pogo-stick through your mind wearing nothing but a smile?"
  • "my bra makes me itch."
  • "something found in a bathroom starting with letter y."
  • "basal rates in turkeys."I've also had them visit by searching for "silly blogs."  :D
  • "Your smile makes me have to pee."
  • "six in me."
  • "obsessive chihuahua with pillow"
  • "How do I prove that I'm not a vampire."

And my personal favorite, "Does Larry Bird have diabetes?"

Thankfully, no one searching for "sausage" has come my way.  Yet.


Hi-larious! How did you discover such gems? Too good.

all I have to say is, YAY, your bloglines feed is working again.

There was a time when "brad pitt moisturizer" brought people to my blog. But not anymore. Oh, such crazy times of late 2006.

I think I am most proud of "oscar the grouch Macintosh trash" bringing people to me because Oscar is the shiznit.

So, Kerri, are you covering news for diabetic turkeys on an insulin pump? There is obviously a need.

Ridiculously funny!

LOL that is brilliant!!!

I really hope whoever was searching for answers about 'something found in a bathroom starting with letter y' found what he/she was looking for. I can't imagine what that was, but obviously they needed help!
So, so funny. Thanks for making me smile. The internet can be a beautiful thing.

The medical bag next to Siah is too much!

I think I will have to post about my search terms tomorrow...

Six in Me....wow. That's a feat.

Great bloggers think alike LOL :) This is too funny. I actually was looking at my stats today and I was amazed at how people search... I have no idea why people search for ceratin terms and find me - but I am happy they do. For the record I found you by searching "diabetes fashion" for an article I was writing... :)

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