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Meeting Schuyler.

I've been admiring Robert Rummel-Hudson's pictures on Flickr for quite some time now, enjoying looking at the world through his lens.

I came across Rob's work first through a diabetes-connection, as he's a recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetic, and started reading his blog.  He writes rawly and eloquently about his daughter, Schuyler, who lives with bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria

Here is where I could insert a furrowed brow sort of serious paragraph about diseases and disease management, about the intricasies of a specialized condition and how it can affect a life adversely.  I could talk about different medical devices that are necessary and what kind of challenges a child may face when diagnosed with this condition.  There are many serious words I could use, and many serious discussions to be had.

We played with these jelly bracelets like it was our job.  And it should be - we were that good.


It's very hard to see a disease or a disorder when I looked into the eyes of this beautiful little girl and saw her smile. 

Thank you, Rob and Schuyler, for making a drab Tuesday into something magical.


ok, I've enjoyed reading your blog and I've been slightly envious of some of your adventures, but this is the first time that I have felt truly, flat-out, green-eyed-monster, jealous.
I am utterly smitten with Rob and Schuyler (in a good, non-stalking kind of way) and cannot wait for the book.

I love Rob's blog and Schuyler is an amazing kid.

What a cool meet-up!

That's great that you got to meet Rob and Schuyler!

And now I'm addicted to looking at the Flickr pics. She's beautiful and was the cutest little baby ever.

I love Rob's glasses :)

I L-O-V-E his blog and especially his pictures on Flickr.
All the diabetic OC members shoudl be sure to get his book when it comes out to support a fellow member!

Add me to the envy list...

And you can see in that little ones eyes that she's make any drab day something very special... :)

I'm def. buying the book and love his blog. Schulyer is adorable, and I'm jealous you had a chance to meet her, but that's wicked cool!

Oh man, I totally wanted to meet Rob and completely spaced on emailing him last week. Now I feel like such an idiot! Oh well, maybe next time!


You seem to LOVE kids - and seem to light up at even the mention of a child in your blog. Hmmm ... wonder if you and your peanut butter artist are planning anything. :)

That must have been a wonderful afternoon.

I do love kids - and having a family is in our future, but not terribly soon. We want to get this wedding done first! :)

I love Rob's blog. And Schuyler is a gorgeous girl. I'm also green with envy about you meeting them.

I'm looking forward to reading his book when it comes out.

Kerri I'm with Kassie.

I'm glad you got to meet Rob and Schuyler and I'm incredibly envious.

Thanks for posting the picture.

As for kids. Forget the old fashioned pregnancy route. Adoption rocks! (I'm slightly biased.)

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