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Grand Rounds 3.52

Hmm.  Kitchen is looking a little bare.  (Or bear, as it relates to Rocco.)  Time to do some shopping, Grand Rounds-style.  Since I'm a New Englander, I'm off to Stop & Blog.

Grand Rounds v. 3.52

Always in pursuit of healthy foods, I headed into the produce section, where I saw a fantastic special on Healthline Pufferfish Salmon.  "But aren't those pufferfish?"  I wondered.  Maybe I'll pass on those.  Ooh, but what about a nice, healthy pomegranate?  Good for hypertension, which is on the rise in children, according to MedHelp.  And some organic lettuce, which is crispy and tasty but probably doesn't cure diabetes, right DiabetesMine?

Brrr.  It's always freezing in the produce section.  There should be a mandatory uniform for this arctic section, much like the new UK policy guidelines for healthcare uniforms, says On The Wards.

I need to warm up.  Off to the bakery, where I can grab a nice, hot coffee.  The lady in front of me is yapping away on her cell phone - doesn't she know too much cell phone use could cause cancerDr. Anonymous should give this lady a call (on her landline). 

"Hazelnut, please.  With Equal."  I tell the barista.  "No, Equal is okay.  There's that new study about aspertame - turns out it's safe.  I know!  Yeah, Tara at The Diet Dish told me, too."

She hands me my coffee.  "May want to cut back on this stuff.  Liana at MedValley High told me SUM Grande coffeethat."

Sipping my coffee, I hear Tony from Hospital Impact talking fluent hospitalk to Doc Shazam, who counters with a discussion about cervical spine injuries.  I push my cart towards the in-store pharmacy, wondering if there will ever be a mini-clinic in Stop & Blog, like the Health Business Blog was talking about.

The pharmacy is a unique slice-of-life jigsaw puzzle, with one woman talking about the ectopic pregnancies and methotrexate treatment that she read about on Healthline.  Her friend nods, countering with "Pregnancies?  Shoot, I can't even figure out how to talk about s-e-x with my teenagers.  And they need the Teen Health 411!"  They both nod in agreement. 

I pick up my script for insulin.  The pharmacist asks me if I'm type 1 or type 2.  Chronic illness can be invisible sometimes, like Laurie from A Chronic Dose mentioned.

"Type 1."  I wonder if he's going to blur the boundaries and tell me he's diabetic, too, like in the post from Diabetes-Wise.

"Oh.  Just checking.  I'm sure you've heard about that piece on DiseaseProof, where Dr. Furhman talks about insulin making things worse for some type 2's."

"I'm more concerned about making sure my insurance covers this.  I'm glad I have good insurance, but I think about what it's like to teeter between good coverage and crummy coverage.  Some people aren't able to enjoy good health benefits, like the military veteran from Reflections."

"Yup.  Rachel was just here, talking about that.  Hey, you heard about InsureBlog's post about Arnold-Care, right?" 

Grab some band-aids and toss them in my cart.  For Michelle, who had a cyst removed from her thumb and had all that trouble managing her blood sugars that day.  (Spiderman bandaids okay with you, Michelle?)

I scurry down the cat food aisle and grab some chow for my arsenal of animals.  These stupid cats are my buddies.  I remembered the post on Fat Doctor about the woman who was almost overcome with grief for the loss of her pet.  I'm not sure I'd be too far off. 

The security cameras are hidden in the ceiling along the aisles.  I think about the post I read on NY Emergency Medicine about the guy who swallowed the crack rocks.  I wave to the cameras, just in case. 

Cart filled to the brim with tasty bits for people and cats alike, I venture off to my favorite aisle - Magazinesthe magazine aisle.  All the news I can use!  I thumb through the latest National Blogger Weekly and check out an article from MedJournal Watch on the war on obesity.  I read about patients in the UK falling out third story hospital windows in an article from The Interested-Participant

Grabbing the latest Highlight HEALTH, I read up on how what you believe can kill you.  (Then I read a story about Batboy, but that had just about nothing to do with healthcare.  It was just an interesting photo.  But then I found Tara Smith's article on the history of outbreaks, which did involve both bats and healthcare.  Score!) 

This week's SharpBrains featured some interviews with neuroscientists and psychologists on the value of mental exercise.  I made a conscious effort to make my brain cells do some crunches. 

Blogger News National had a moving interview with an Iraq war veteran with PTSD, pulled from Healthline.  As I flipped the pages, I saw an ad for breast cancer genetic testing and remembered the article from Eye On DNA.  The post from Dr. Val's blog jumped to mind, about the doctor's friend who was diagnosed with terminal cancer

A comic book featuring the funniest health journal articles is wedged between the shelves, probably stuck there by TechMedicine.  I read about medical professionals gettin' their hugs from their patients, thanks to an article by Hope for Pandora.  Celebrities with diabetes were on the front of several magazines - good thing I had taken that quiz on dLife!  Hiding underneath the latest SUM News Daily, I saw the Healthcare Zagat guide, complete with an article from How to Cope With Pain about a grading system for doctor's offices

Oh shoot - I mistakenly nudged a precariously stacked pile of HealthBlogger Magazine and all thoseSubscribe today! blasted subscription cards came raining out.  Little cards fluttered everywhere, each with a different article printed on them.  One from Emergiblog proclaimed Down with Stereotypes!  Another was about surgical blog carnivals, held at Surgexperiences.  Another was about the startling connection of dreams and reality from the Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good.  Shoot, there's another from ER Nursey about patient satisfaction scores.  And the last card I saved before it slid underneath the magazine case was about how to save a life from Monash Medical Student. 

I grab some Nutrigrain bars from the cereal aisle, a carton of milk for Chris's protein shakes, and then I'm off to the checkout line.  While I'm standing there, I notice the candy selection within arms' reach.  If I was ever to experience a low blood sugar while waiting in line, I'd be safe.  I thought about the irony of Type1EMT at the D-Log Cabin being chosen to demonstrate hypoglycemia for her EMT test

Ugh, this is a long line.  I practice stretching like I read about in the Fitness Fixer.  The checkout line is so random - some trashy magazines, assorted packages of Mentos, and a pack of lighbulbs.  The article from GrrlScientist, about light therapy, sprang into my head.  Stop and Blog

Finally, I'm at the cashier.

"Do you have your Stop & Blog card?"

"I do."  I hand her my keychain. 

She rings out my healthy foods, my mess of magazines, and the cat food. 

"Would you like a coupon for a free medical blogger's survey?  It's being offered by Envision Solutions and Trusted MD."

"Sure.  Would love to."  I swipe my debit card. 

"Here's your coupon for next week's Grand Rounds.  It's at Kevin, M.D.  Thank your for shopping at Stop & Blog." 


Awesome job...Entertaining AND informative!

Thanks for hosting, Kerri!

Knew I could count on you for a creative spin... thanks for including me again!

As a New Englander myself, I am totally loving the Stop and Shop (er, Stop and Blog) logo!

Great job bringing all these posts together!

woah. what a creative way of presenting GR!
thanks for including both my post on how to save a life and publicizing Surgexperiences - the new surgical blog carnival!

Impressed as always, with your creative and entertaining ways!

I'm definitely jealous of your creativity when you do this! Great job (as usual). Thanks for including my post this week.

That was really creative! Quick question: Do you prefer Equal or Splenda? Thanks!

OMG so creative! How will I ever have time to read all these today?!

And, yes, Spidey bandaids will be great. I can share with No. 1.

What a great Grand Rounds Kerri! It was truly a pleasure to read. Thanks for including me.

It's amazing the human race isn't extinct with all of the so called threats to our health. I take all of that info with a grain of salt.

You can't take a step without it being life threatening. It turns out flip flops are bad for your feet for crying out loud.

This is one creative medical grand rounds. I have to come back for some more readings because I wasn't able to see all the articles linked.

Great job as usual, Kerri!

Great Job, Kerry!

That was the best, most seamless integration I have ever read, nicely done!

Awesome job Kerri - I'm totally in awe of your creativity here. Thanks for including me.

That was wonderful. Great job Kerri!

Oh, this was fun and I haven't even started reading the posts yet! : D

Great job!

Best GrandRounds ever! Thanks Kerri for the insight and humor.

Finally, a fresh take on the literary side of Grand Rounds! Love it!

Great job Kerri! You are so creative!

Very fun and informative. Thanks Kerri!

Loved it!! I laughed my butt off over the veteran who couldn't get hearing aids. Its not what I was expecting! lol.

that was cool!

i meant to submit but i though the deadline was today... oops. it would have been perfect too because it was about a frustrating experience at the pharmacy counter.

anyways, good job

Wonderful job Kerri! Thanks for the good work you have done.

Oh yeah, I too shop at Stop & Blog. And look at health news all day long. Thanks for a hilarious post.

one word: genius.

That was good enough to eat. Thanks!

The study reports a 38-percent reduced risk of developing diabetes for high-blood-pressure patients who demonstrated regression of LVH during therapy for high blood pressure, with a 26-percent reduced risk after adjusting for other risk factors for diabetes. The reduction in risk of diabetes was independent of therapy type and of the degree of blood pressure change in this population.

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